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Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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It has been a while since I last reviewed an animation film which was a Disney animation film(last non Disney animation film which I reviewed was The Sea Beast). And with that I finished watching Lightyear on Hotstar. One of my favourite animation franchise is The Toy Story. It started off when I was a kid and I grew up somewhere between its four parts. And like Andy, the kid who owned the toys, one of my favourite toys was also Buzz. I remember having a Happy Meal at McDonalds only so that I could get the Buzz toy for myself. Those were the days when toys were an integral part of our childhood until technology took over. So when I got to know about the spin off film on Buzz titled the Lightyear, naturally I was excited. Now that I have finished watching Lightyear, here are my two cents on it.

Story & Screenplay

A spin off film of Buzz from The Toy Story, Lightyear follows the chronicles of Buzz who attempts to return home from a planet of robots. The story is your typical space adventure and had nothing new to offer. The screenplay standing at about a 100 minutes(not counting the end credits) offers a fast paced narrative.

The drama begins with the introduction of the protagonist while trying to escape from the planet. As predicted a mishap follows thereby stalling his progress. The start here is slightly wobbly although consistently watchable. There are also simplified concepts of science which are integrated in the screenplay, something that I really enjoyed.

While the drama is predictable and unfolds at a brisk pace, the one thing that was missing in the drama was the typical Disney emotions. Now you would think as to why would there be emotions in a Disney space adventure. But to my defense, there is a track on how team unity is important and the biggest of obstacles can be overcome by being united. While this message is good, it somehow did not touch you in any manner. This meant that there was an issue with the writing which seemed decent on paper but couldn’t evoke the emotions which you should have felt.

Despite this, the drama is consistently watchable where one event leads to another briskly leading up to a fun filled ride. Even the final act is pretty decent summing up the screenplay which is decent and watchable with a nice little message at the end.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are adequate and fairly well written. The BGM does enhance your viewing experience. This film was designed to be a 3D film and so it doesn’t create half as much an impact on the smaller screen. The animation is outstanding as always, no complaints there! Director Angus Maclane does a good job although one thing lacking even in effort was that no attempt was made to add the right amount of emotions to the drama.


The voiceovers are really good here. Uzo Aduba as the voice of Alisha is heartening. Peter Sohn as the voice of Sox is cute, Dale Spules as the voice of Darby and James Brolin as the voice of Zurg leave a lasting impression. Taika Waititi as the voice of Mo and Keke Palmer as the voice of Izzy are excellent. Chris Evans as the “sexy English Voice”(see what I did there?) Of Buzz is terrific and creating a stirling impact!


Lightyear is a fun filled watch but the lack of “Disney” emotions acts as a consistent deterrent. Available on Hotstar!

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