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Owing to the plenty of new releases, My watchlist was just building up bizarrely. And so I decided to handpick a film to review from my watchlist. After much speculation, I zeroed in on the English film Kimi primarily because it was just a shade under 90 minutes. And after a long day’s work the last thing you need is to sit through a 3 hour film. Before beginning with the film, I read through the synopsis and found it to be a high concept techno-thriller set in the current world. That sealed the deal for me and I was onboard. So then does Kimi manage to impress, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Kimi is the story of a agoraphobic tech worker whose life changes after she is a witness to a crime. The story is fresh and I absolutely loved the fact that the story is set in a post covid world as it enhanced the concept of agoraphobia which is fear of stepping into crowded places. The screenplay opens on an interesting note and wastes almost no time in buildup. You get a glimpse of the life of the protagonist and her next door boyfriend along with her condition of agrophobia. Soon the crime bit is introduced and this is where the film shifts gears and moves at a breakneck pace. There are many sequences which are thrilling and keep you at the edge of your seats. The twists and turns are predictable but definitely interesting. One drawback and a major one is that the drama is one dimensional. It could so easily have been a layered and cerebral drama with adequate amount of atmospherics thrown in but the writers opted for a crisp narrative as opposed to a layered one. This reflects in the underwhelming climax too where there is zero buildup. I think the film was atleast 15 minutes shorter than what it could have been. But overall a decent screenplay, a lot of fun while it lasts.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are conversational but they do manage to hold your attention. The BGM is excellent and it really heightens the drama. The cinematography is pretty good and so is the editing with some sharp cuts. Director Steven Soderbergh has done a pretty good job but perhaps he could have fleshed out the drama better.


The performances are adequate here. Jaime Camil as Antonio is good but wished his screen time was a bit more for a better impact. Devin Ratray as Kevin and Byron Bowers as Terry have their monents to shine, as does Rita Wilson as Natalie Chowdhury. But the show undoubtedly belongs to Zoe Kravitz who shines as Angela. Her look is quite edgy and that adds to her overall character. She is fabulous to watch here.


Kimi is fun while it lasts although quite one dimensional in its screenplay writing. Available on Amazon Prime.

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