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Kahin toh hogi woh, 

Duniya jahaan tu mere, 

Saath hai.

I was a teenager fresh out of junior college when this song had released way back in 2008. It almost instantly created an atmosphere of magic every time it played. But I could never have understood the words or the depth of them, back then. The song talks about a parallel universe. A universe where you are acquainted with your unfulfilled love all over again. The love which was never in your destiny.

How often have we seen people meeting and spending time with one another, only to realise that they are deeply in love with one another. Only that it might have been too late by then!! Life is all about the choices that we make. But, what if we want to make a choice but we just cannot, all because our time is up! What a heartbreak that would be!

The song just tiptoes into my soul, almost stirring it and blending with it. And the song plays on loop triggering that feeling of ‘what if’. What if there is a parallel universe? What if I meet my love there too? What if we have the same conflicts as now? What if there is a happy ending?

It is here in 2021, after I have had my share of heartbreaks that this song still holds a special place in my heart. My heart still secretly cries with anguish yet there is a ray of hope, a hope that there is a parallel universe where I will meet her once again. A world where the word ‘Khafa’ does not exist! The lines just cannot emote any better for me….

Jaane na kahaan woh duniya hai, 

Jaane na woh hai bhi ya nahi, 

Jahaan meri zindagi mujhse, 

Itni Khafa nahi….

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