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Eternally Confused And Eager For Love

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Eternally Confused And Eager For Love. These are a bunch of words which would best describe me currently😂. Onto the next release of the weekend and the final new series, and I have just finished watching the new Netflix series Eternally Confused And Eager For Love. One of those Netflix shows which is labeled as “silly” and “frivolous” and “Netflix Does Not Understand Indian Market”. All I have to say is what is wrong in being silly and frivolous? You cannot be perfect all the time can you? I remember being this socially awkward kid through my early 20s(no I am not that old even now😁), so much so that it was(or is?) difficult to approach anyone directly for a date or just to meet up. This was a genuine problem that non of my friends seemed to have(or they never discussed it) and it kind of hit my self confidence a bit, I must admit. So when the trailer of the show was it, it was easy for me to place me in the main protagonist’s shoes. And I was really looking forward to watching it. Finally the show is out, is it worth your time, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Eternally Confused And Eager For Love is a coming of age story of a socially awkward guy in his early 20s who has a toy wizard for company to help him find love. The story is sweet, breezy, frivolous and at times relatable. The screenplay is truly breezy standing at 8 episodes of just about 20 odd minutes. And so the show can be easily binge watched. The humour here is quirky and situational while you are on a journey with the protagonist. You are introduced to the protagonist and his world around and you get a feel of his life very early on in the series. Some traits of his were consistently relatable and whether we admit it or not, these are the type of discussions that we have. Not sure why it isn’t resonating with everyone but to each his own I guess. The situations created are quite interesting and hilarious, some of them are indeed far fetched though. But the struggle is real and the show depicts exactly that. It unfolds in this slice of life format which is vibrant, fresh and just binge worthy. The humour does land very well and the pace of the screenplay is maintained which ensures that there isn’t any dull moment. I could really find fault with the screenplay especially because it just doesn’t take itself seriously(which is a great thing). Overall, quite a fun filled screenplay this!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are quirky and funny especially the lines given to the “Wiz”. They are consistently entertaining and on more than one occasion, it had me bursting out in laughter. The BGM is quite good and blends well with the mood of the drama. The production design gives this series a fresh and a vibrant look to it. Director Rahul Nair definitely knows the pulse of the millenials like me and he does a fabulous job here. The situations which he manages to create evokes a sense of interest which translates into binge watching the series. Excellent job done!


The performances are pretty good here. Namrata Sheth shines as Pari. Larissa D’sa, Kajol Chugh and Tanya Katyal all manage to leave a mark. Niharika Lyra Dutt as Ruchika is stunning in a limited screentime. Devika Vatsa as Komal is absolutely hilarious and she definitely left a smile on my face with her funny retorts. Rahul Bose and Suchitra Pillai are so easy on the eye and such naturals in front of the camera. Ankur Rathee as Varun is first rate and he does a great job here. Dalai as Riya is fabulous to watch and she represents that one friend which we all fall back on when we are in a bit of a pickle. Vihaan Samat as Ray is quite brilliant and he is basically me in my early 20s, who is confused in life yet eager for love😂. A special mention of Jim Sarbh who kills his quirky one-liners as Wiz. An exceptional actor doing a brilliant voiceover.


Eternally Confused And Eager For Love is sweet, breezy, frivolous and a series which I really enjoyed and related to. Perhaps a shorter name would have been better though but what the hell! Available on Netflix and Highly Recommended.

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