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Moving onto the leftovers from the weekend and firstup I finished watching the new Tamil film Enemy on Sonyliv. The film had a theatrical release last year and it has finally made its way to the OTT space. And since it starred Arya who was also in the excellent Tamil film Sarapatta Parambarai, I was looking forward to watching him in a slightly grey shade. So then is the film worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Enemy follows the story of two childhood friends whose competitiveness takes a dangerous turn. The story is in the commercial space. So you do expect plenty of convenient plot twists and over the top sequences. And while the story lacks in logic but it is thoroughly entertaining. The screenplay standing at 150 minutes might seem daunting but it moves about swiftly and doesn’t allow you time to breathe. The fast moving nature of the drama works in its favour as you are on your toes throughout its runtime without any dull moment. The initial 20 minutes really set the tone for the rest of the drama so well. The sequences featuring two children fiercely competing with one another was very interesting to witness. Once the drama shifts to Singapore after a bizarre turn of events, the loopholes begin to appear. The drama is definitely interesting as you are curious to know what happens next. Again the screenplay gets slightly disjointed here but because the pitch of the drama is fast paced, you are seldom distracted. The face off between the two protagonists is the highlight of the screenplay and perhaps its strongest element. The final act though just seemed to be far too simple and it ended abruptly, also it kind of felt incomplete. I am very well aware of a potential sequel being planned but the loose ends should have been tied up. But despite the underwhelming final act, the drama is well worth your time!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are aimed at the front benchers and are quite entertaining. The music is alright but the songs do hamper the flow of the drama. But the BGM is absolutely fire here and enhances your watching experience in a big way. The VFX was a major suspect particularly in the final act. The cinematography is good. Director Anand Shankar does a swell job in showing urgency with a subject like this. The USP had to be a face off between the two protagonists and that is exactly where his focus lies. So quite a good job in the direction department.


The performances are pretty good here. Prakash Raj as Paarirajan is brilliant in a cameo. Mirnalini Ravi as Ashmitha and Mamta Mohandas as Anisha lend good support in an otherwise a male dominated universe. Thambi Ramaiah as Chozhan’s father is pretty good too. Arya aa Rajiv is ruthless and brilliant in a slightly negative role. The man owns every frame he is in. Matching him blow by blow is Vishal as Chozhan. He is quite good too and both of them really do well to feed off one another.


Enemy does lack logic and is far from perfect but it is highly entertaining and a lot of fun to watch. Available on Sonyliv.

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