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As they say, some of the greatest stories or premises are found in a short movie. And so this is another feature that you will see every now and then. I will be reviewing short films which are well worth your time and some also which can totally be skipped. I had briefly started reviewed Auntyji earlier but this might be a sort of a regular feature(lets see)! And with that, lets review this brand new short ‘Devi’ which premiered on youtube this week. So lets begin.. 

Devi is a story about nine women loosely tied together under unusual circumstances. And that is all I would like to reveal about the story. The story is topical, relevant and something that has been in the news every now and then for the wrong reasons, with women being victims of barbarism imposed by some creatures. The screenplay is actually a peach. As the layers of the story are peeled off one by one, you further sink deeper into the drama till the gut wrenching and painful finale which just leaves you numb! Perfect screenplay and hits you where it hurts the most! The dialogues make you squirm. Director Priyanka Banerjee has done a splendid job to tackle such a sensitive subject and probably has hit the ball out of the park! 

Shruti Haasan, Neha Dhupia and Shivani Raghuvanshi really shine. Yashaswini Dayama is quite good in a role of a mute girl. Rama Joshi is a natural. Neena Kulkarni is fabulous. Mukta Barve is excellent. And finally Kajol is wonderfully restrained. All of them have very little dialogues each but collectively elevate the film! 

Standing at just 13 mins, Devi is a must watch. It just shows how much can be done in a short film. Mind you, it is just a one act with all the drama happening in a single room with all the nine women in it. Powerfully written drama and some top notch acting! Wish the world does not see any more Nirbhayas and the devils that create one. Devi is a must watch! Goosebumps guaranteed!!

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