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Well Well Well. Of late I have started reviewing webseries and short movies(primarily because of the situation at hand) and that is how I am killing some time at home. I use the word killing because I generally do not invest alot of time in webseries. But I was particularly excited about watching Asur as I had heard many good things about it. And hence, I had reserved the weekend slot for it. So many people DM-ing me asking for its review and so here goes. BTW, if you know me well then you do know my love for serial killer movies(particularly South Korean ones). This is probably India’s first web series in the genre, is it worth your time…lets find out. 

Asur opens with an incident almost two decades ago where a priest dies under mysterious circumstances. Back in the present time there are a host of killings across the country. How are they related? The story is extremely well penned that combines the serial killer genre with mythology. The end result is an absolute bomb! The screenplay is cerebral and so tight that it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Never a dull moment and it keeps throwing you twists and turns till the finale that takes you aback. Wonderfully penned and executed! The dialogues are just apt and a few sequences also rely on certain allegories and images so keen attention must be provided to it! The cinematography is edgy and just right for the genre. The background music heightens the drama. Director Onir Sen definitely knows his jobs and has literally nailed this genre!

The performances are outstanding and help elevate the drama. Pawan Chopra is good. Amey Wagh is understated and his character takes you by surprise(go figure who he is😊). Gaurav Arora(who was referred to as wooden in movies like Raaz Reboot and Love Games) is absolutely a revelation here, trust me he is outstanding! Anupriya Goenka is fantastic and she is fast becoming my favourite. Ridhi Dogra is wonderfully understated here. Sharib Hashmi is underrated and it really makes me happy to watch him in such meaty roles post Family Man(mind you he has done a dozen films already including the highly rated Filmistaan). Barun Sobti(Tu mera Sunday, Highly Recommended) has alot of heavy lifting to do particularly in the middle and he has done a swell job! Arshad Warsi in his digital debut shines throughout.

Standing at 8 episodes of almost 45 mins each(some are shorter and the last one 60 mins long), Asur has elevated the serial killer genre in India. It is one of the best series that have come out recently and it is a must watch this ‘quarantine’ season.

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