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Neha Unadkat
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When I was a kid, I went with my parents to watch Gujarati plays/drama or regionally called as “Natak”. The best part of this plays was the message they delivered. Every generation could learn something from it. As I grew older I slowly and gradually became distant from the Gujarati cinema, but during the lockdown phase I rekindled my childhood memories and watched a couple of Gujarati movies. With recent amazing releases I thought I will watch the movie “Dhummas” as well. I felt soo happy to have watched this movie and can surely say that Gujarati cinema has reached new heights. Here’s why I say that!!

This suspense movie has certainly taken suspense seriously and ensured we feel it as well. As almost all gujarati movies/plays this movie also has a message at the end. The movie perfectly represents that people are not always what they really portray, tables can turn anytime and Karma has its own charm. The Story starts with revealing marital issues between a husband and wife. Wife is so frustrated that she decides to commit suicide. Her plans fail as a thief visits their house midnight. But this scenario changes over the time frame and by the end of the movie I actually understood why the name has been kept for the movie. I was so engrossed in the movie as I saw twist and turns. Hardly felt distracted for 10 mins throughout its duration. Regional movies might not do well on screen, but watching Dhummas I am sure there is great potential ahead.

Direction & Screenplay

I must say it is a well written script. The collaboration between writer Bhargav Trivedi and director Kartavya Shah is spectacular. Bhargav Trivedi’s writing in this movie is unmarked. The way he wrote the story engaging the viewers throughout is astounding. Moreover we might think that the end is predictable, but writer has made sure to keep it unique. The title track sung by Bhumi Trivedi and composed by Akash Shah do increase curiosity to watch the movie. Dilip Rawal’s Lyrics for the title track unveils the dark side of human nature. The entire composition fits well with the screenplay.


If I was in the theatres watching Dhummas, I would truly give standing ovation to Kinjal Rajpriya. Kinjal is just flawless in her expressions with marvelous acting skills. She truly has a long way to go. Since this film just has around 7 characters on screen, it becomes more integral for them to do their best. And I must say, they have done more than their best. Jayesh More as a thief is soo real on screen with some breathtaking acts. One of my favourites here was Aakash Zala. Though he had less screen time,but he did make an impact to set the story straight. Ojas Rawal is one of the heart-throbs in Dhollywood. I would have wished if he had more screentime and dialogues in Dhummus.


Dhummus is an over-the-top suspense movie revolutionizing Gujarati cinema. It’s definitely a must watch for everyone who believes in Dhollywood.

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