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Kaun? Who Did It?

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Whodunit has been one of my favourite genres. If the movie or series was well made in this space, it would be the audience who would be involved in the drama, trying to investigate and decipher the case themselves. There have been many movies over the years that have provided such a rush to the audience. And so I have just finished watching Kaun? Who did it? On Flipkart Video. What is so special you may ask? Well this one increases the stakes further by actually being an interactive crime show. If this doesn’t sound exciting, there are little things that would. But is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

In this 35 episode series in Kaun? Who did it?, each episode has a brand new case with four suspects. After a round of interrogation, you as an audience need to guess on who the main culprit is. And that is not all, if you are correct then you win prizes too! Coming to the cases, while there is a compromise on the depthness of the cases, in no way are they dull. The writing is pretty impressive here with clues left for the audience to notice and join the puzzle. All cases are independent, except the last few that are interconnected. Some cases might seem obvious but they aren’t that straight forward either. This show is a lot of fun!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are cerebral and force you to think on the eventual outcome. Sometimes they make you second guess yourselves too, so watch out. The BGM nicely enhances the watching experience. There are three directors of this series – Umesh Bist, Saket Yadav and Asif Malik. Now I am not sure who has directed which episode but the direction is fabulous and you are invested in the drama throughout.


These are majorly closed door investigations featuring only two chaeacters. Samvedna Suwalka as Malini is excellent. She plays the role of the investigating cop and she is totally convincing. Also her towering screen presence and confidence is on full display here. And her partner is crime is one of my personal favourites – Sushant Singh as retired cop Adi. He looks so handsome in this salt and pepper look and has done a smashing job. The smaller nuances and gestures to his character are essayed to the T. The banter and chemistry between the two are the highlight here and really fun to watch. All other characters range from decent to good.


Kaun? Who did it? gives rise to a new interactive format in the crime genre. Some of the criticism that I heard is that this is like the TV series Crime Patrol. That is a weak argument to begin with. Trust me when I say this, this show is a stress buster and a lot of fun! Out of 35, I scored close to 30, how many did you get? Available on Flipkart Video and Highly Recommended.