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Drishyam 2

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Hello Hello, we are at another friday with a fresh review. But firstly thank you for showering your love to our New Inhouse Section – Popcorn Quickies. We are striving to give you different shades of world cinema and we are elated with the response. Please continue to shower your love. And now back to our review. On 2nd October each year there is this one meme that is recycled every year – that of Vijay Salgaonkar going to Panaji with his family. A character from the smash hit Drishyam which was a remake of the underrated 2013 Malayalam film which has slowly gained popularity.  And with its sequel out this weekend, here is an early bird review. Does it live up to the massive expectations, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

The story of Drishyam 2 takes place six years from the time of the horrid incident. Now anything else that I say will act as a spoiler. And an important notice – if you haven’t watched the first part then please do as this is a proper continuation of the story without which there will be little to no context of the drama that had unfolded earlier. And here the story is a worthy successor of its first part. While the writers had a massive mountain to climb owing to the cult following of the first part, the writing is simply outstanding here too. It follows the usual trajectory as with Drishyam 1 wherein you are reintroduced to the family. There is a massive buildup in the first hour, and some of you may question where is this headed, but a little bit of patience will heap rewards in the second hour that moves at a breakneck pace and keeps you hooked and booked. It is so gripping with twists and turns that it will leave you gasping for breathe at the end of it. The only minor criticism can be that the things were just too fast to grasp and needed a wee bit more clarity. But that might just be for me. The climax yet again does not disappoint! Excellent screenplay!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are cerebral and the devil lies in the detail. The key plot points are in the dialogues so you need to pay attention throughout. The music and BGM really add to the drama. Director Jeethu Joseph who has built a reputation for himself with uncanny thrillers, is in top form here. While he had directed the original, he could so easily have been bogged down to deliver again. But here he definitely comes out in flying colours.


The casting is perfect here. Asha Sharath as Geetha and Siddique as Prabhakar make fleeting appearances and both of them have done a commendable job. Anjali Nair as Saritha impresses in a role that I would like to keep it under wraps. Ansiba as Anju has done a terrific job. Esther Anil all grown up now as Anu looks pretty and has some good screen presence. Eldon as Roy the cop has done a pretty good job. Meena as Rani beautifully portrays her vulnerability here. Her character trait of being naive is on full display here. The man the acting institution himself Mohanlal as George Kutty is meticulous yet calm. There is definitely a likable quality to him that makes everyone root for him till the end. He is fabulous in a memorable outing yet again!


Drishyam 2 is a worthy successor to Drishyam 1. A toss up on which is better, I would say this definitely gives Part 1 a run for its money. Another winner from the Malayalam industry. Drishyam 2 available on Amazon Prime and Highly Highly Recommended!

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