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A Simple Murder

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It is a start of another mega weekend with 6 releases out of which Bicchoo Ka Khel has already been reviewed. So lets nail down the other 5 releases shall we? And so I have just finished watching the web series A Simple Murder on Sony Liv which according to me is one of the best OTT platforms which are doing the rounds currently. Now the show is a black comedy which is an extremely tough genre to crack for the simple reason that you at all times have to stay true to your world. And if you do, you will end up getting gems like Afsos(which I highly recommend on Amazon Prime). Is this brand new show a potential gem? Or does it fail to impress…stay tuned.

A Simple Murder is a story of coincidences beginning with a rat(yes you read that right) and ending in chaos. Whatever happens in between is what forms the story and for you to consume. The story is extremely quirky to put it in a straight way. It has all the ingredients for a lip smacking black comedy. The screenplay is one to savour. Never once does it drop pace and keeps your interest and invested throughout. In fact it is also packed with innumerable twists, a few of them unexpected and a few whacky which will force you to laugh! As the name also suggests, a sequence features a murder which is outright hilarious! As you proceed towards the end, the drama gets murkier and dark, ending in a bit of a coup. The only minor setback that I can think of is that the humour dries up towards the latter half, particular near to the end. Otherwise, it is a job well done in the writing department! The dialogues are good, some of them hilarious(some credit of which should also be given to the actors – more on them in a bit). I was also impressed with the music and BGM which perfectly compliments the drama. Director Sachin Pathak has done a phenomenal job. The humour is pitch dark here and he has nailed every bit of it!

A huge round of applause should go to the actors on display. Ankur Pandey as Usman is decent. Tejasvi Singh as Priya is very good. Ayaz Khan as Rahul is pretty good. Yashpal Sharma as Pandit, in a limited screenspace, is hilarious. His deadpan humour is the highlight of his character. Sushant Singh as Himmat is such a good actor and again he nails some of his poker faced expressions. I wonder why he isn’t seen more often! Vikram Kochchar as Sub-Inspector Mishra, a no nonsense cop has shown another shade in his acting armory! Gopal Datt as Inspector Mehta is again excellent in his comic timing. Amit Sial as Santosh is intimidating and chilling and also hilarious. A fantastic job by a fine actor! Priya Anand(the Ambarsariya girl) as Richa in a completely different role to what she has done earlier is probably the find of the series for me. Even though I have seen her before, she excels in this grayish avatar and I would really love to watch her more in the future. And I am the happiest for Mohd Zeeshan Ayyub. He is finally getting substantial roles and he is nailing every single one of them. As Manish he is excellent!

A Simple Murder is deliciously dark and teasingly twisted. Another potential gem in the black comedy genre and another winner from Sony Liv!

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