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We live in an age where being lonely is something that we are all used to. With the onset of social media or even otherwise, loneliness has gripped even normal people who are still live with their loved ones yet have that void inside them. This feeling is a bit hard to explain because for an outsider you have everything necessary to lead a normal life. Whether you may attribute it to borderline depressing, we often long to live a life which is not the one which we are currently living. So, we resort to escapism! And with that I finished watching the Bengali film Binisutoy on Zee5. Another one of those films which I had heard a lot of praise especially from my Bengali friends. And so I decided to give it a go! Is Binisutoy worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Binisutoy follows the story of two individuals who meet at a reality show and instantly strike a connect. But a strange altercation separates them. The story is complex, nuanced and brilliant. This could so easily have been a love story but this ain’t that. This goes beyond the usual storytelling technique to an area which is far more complex yet relevant and relatable. The gentle and leisurely style of the screenplay(which stands at only 90 minutes) males the drama nuanced and the characters fleshed out. I do not want to indulge too much into the plot but the twist in the tale is something which is refreshing to watch. The screenplay almost moves like a slice of life drama yet it does not indulge in the usual suspects. There are several moments that actually touch you and keep you engaged in this intricate drama. There are hardly any long takes particularly in the first hour and this might be attributed to the writers making us aware of how quickly time flies when you meet someone you connect with. In contrast, the proceedings slow down incredibly resembling the time which we spend as a routine in our daily lives. A beautiful analogy! Once the beans are out of the bag the drama kind of hits home as it begins talking to you. Not only does it connect with you on a different level but it grows on you too. The escapism fron reality is depicted perfectly in the finale act which kind of communicates to you on living multiple lives in one. A beautifully melancholic yet poignant screenplay, perhaps the best that I have witnessed recently.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are conversational yet silence is where the film communicates the most. The music beautifully gels well with the drama adding a layer to the already engaging conversations. The BGM is perfect, the cinematography captures some beautiful frames so well. Director Atanu Ghosh does a wonderful job handling every delicate emotion with utmost sensitivity. He opts for the more complex route and he pulls it off so beautifully.


The performances are outstanding here and it helps when you have two actors who do not act but just ground themselves to reality. Jaya Ahsan as Sraboni is intricately brilliant. The fact that she has such a complex character arc makes me appreciate her perfornance even more. Each beat of her character can be felt so beautifully. And the veteran Ritwick Chakraborty is brilliant here. As Kajal he delivers such a heartfelt performance of a conflicted person who just has a bit of a void in his heart. The character talks to you on so many levels that you end up relating to the drama. A very complex role pulled off effortlessly in this acting masterclass.


Binisutoy is a complex and a nuanced drama that is so brilliant that it communicates to you on a totally different level. This is perhaps the best piece of writing that I have witnessed recently. Please do not miss this! Available on Zee5 and Highly Highly Highly Recommended.

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