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If I were to ask you what would be your go-to genre after a long day’s work then most of you would be divided in two genres – Comedy and Action. Every once in a while I too want to go on a guilt trip and watch over the top action films be it Bollywood or Hollywood. In Hollywood, some Action films have successfully transformed into equally successful franchise like the Fast series. But there is a saying there – no one makes better action entertainers than Michael Bay. For those of you who aren’t aware, you can draw parallels with Rohit Shetty although the comparison may not entirely be fair. And with that I finished watching Bay’s new film Ambulance and I expected nothing short of carnage. Do then does Ambulance manage to set your adrenaline rushing, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Ambulance follows the story of a heist gone wrong and with the chase underway the typical Michael Bay factors kick in. The story is wafer thin and basically a one liner and nothing that you haven’t seen already. However, the screenplay is designed to give you multiple rushes. It begins on a slightly slow note but in the process you are quickly introduced to the main characters and their features. The excitement begins with the heist but the action soon shifts to an ambulance where the chase begins. From here on, the drama moves at a breakneck pace. The cat and mouse game is formulated through this chase with some fast edits and high octane stunts. This is when the signature Michael Bay moves kick in. So you have flying cars with choppers flying above while the tension mounts inside the ambulance. The conflict is pretty good and does keep you entertained throughout. This continues until the climax where the writers try to add some chunks of emotions, all of which do not really land well considering that there was little buildup before that. But overall, an entertaining screenplay that ensures that there is not one dull moment. In fact, it keeps you hooked throughout.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are adequate and do what is required from them. The BGM is pulsating and it matches well with the pace of the drama. The action set pieces are brilliantly designed and the fast jump cuts work in the film’s favour. Another bit of innovation used in cinematography was drone shots used in car chases. The twisted angles and the pace is for everyone to see and learn. Director Michael Bay is one of the best in the business in the action genre and he was bound to deliver here. He doesn’t allow the audience to think and so some of the plot loopholes would be easily ignored. This piece of art is just meant for entertainment purposes, and he delivers on exactly what was promised.


The performances are pretty good. Garret Dillahunt aa Captain Monroe and Keir O’Donnell as FBI agent Anson Clark have their moments to shine. Eiza Gonzales as Cam is stunningly beautiful and she has a magnetic screen presence which drives her performance throughout. Jake Gyllenhaal as Danny is one of the most underrated actors doing the rounds and he does a phenomenal job here. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Will is quite brilliant himself with a lovely character arc. He does full justice to his role.


Ambulance is quite entertaining and keeps your adrenaline rushing for most parts. This will satisfy the action junkie in you for sure.

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