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A song probably found on every single playlist. Hopelessness, Emptiness, Melancholy, Loneliness all packed under a single song – Zinda. How beautiful and relatable are the first two lines, a poem that reassures you during a heartbreak… Mujhe Chhod do apne haal pe,
Zinda hoon yaar kaafi hai.

One thing that I fear the most is loneliness. And unfortunately, at times, it is the price that you pay for falling in love. That feeling of being hollow and empty from within, yet there being a distant hope buried within that instantly brings a glimmer, before fading out soon. You do wish for a final closure while continuing to suffer each day. Yet you continue to dream on, in hope that life and love will smile on you sometime soon. And that is exactly how the lyrics go… Hawaaon Se Jo Maanga Hissa Mera
To Badle Main Hawa Ne Saans Di
Akelepan Se Chhedi Jab Guftagu
Mere Dil Ne Aawaaz Di
Mere Haathon, Hua Jo Qissa Shuru
Usey Poora Toh Karna Hai Mujhe
Qabr Par Mere Sar Utha Ke Khadi Ho Zindagi
Aise Marna Hai Mujhe!

On a long lonely night, often I silently listen to this song and the song begins to speak to me in a language that only my heart knows. The long lost hope rekindles and diminishes while the heart silently sings a lullaby to itself thereby putting itself to sleep…. Kuch maangana baaki nahi,
Jitna mila kaafi hai,
Zinda hoon yaar,
Kaafi hai.

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