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Project 9191

3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


Onto the final release of the extended weekend and I have just finished watching Project 9191 on Sonyliv. Before the review we at Popcorn Reviewss wish you a very happy holi. And if you have enjoyed our coverage then please share the page link with your friends and spread the love(we really need every bit of it😊). So now back to the review and SonyLiv is known for some amazing content but they for some reason do not promote it enough. Project 9191 was announced at the nth hour but however the more important question, is this worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Project 9191 follows the story of a new police department formed to stop crime from taking place. The story will give you a feeling as if you are watching an episode of Crime Patrol or CID which is incidently part of Sony too. But the good news is there is enough stuff going on to keep you interested. The screenplay is extremely fast paced and it does not allow you time to breathe and think. There are multiple cases going on in each episode and that is what keeps you on your toes. Yes, the resolution is not always layered but I did not find that an issue. The screenplay is well written. Also the multiple subplots(other than the cases) add a another layer of thrill to it. The show ends on a cliffhanger, nicely setting it up for the next season.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are decently well penned. The BGM is alright but nothing much to shout about. Director Subbu Iyer has done a swell job here keeping things nice and tight which keeps the audience hooked and booked.


The performances comprising mostly of a bunch of newcomers is pleasantly good. Suhani Popli has probably one two or three scenes but she manages to leave her mark. Abhishekh Khan as Johnny is confident, Nidhi Dugur as Nisha is pretty good. Jaswant Singh Dalal as Sharat is excellent here and wish to see more of him going forward too. Dadhir Pandey as Usman Chacha is at his usual best. Vaibhav Tatwawaadi as Pankaj is phenomenal and a character that will keep you guessing throughout. I was also very impressed by Sandeep Kumar as Jamal and Shivani Rangole as Sunaina who are both earnest. Trishna Mukherji as Deepa is probably the pick of the actors for me. As a tough cop and a caring mother, she is simply outstanding and really wish she keeps getting such meaty roles going ahead. Satyajit Sharma as Amitabh is outstanding and he demands your attention.


Project 9191 is racy and super thrilling despite a standard story. Available on Sony Liv.