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Yes, this is a midweek review and it will begin with a rant. Just what exactly were the team from Zee5 actually thinking when they decided to release Abhay Season 2 in three parts? While the first of its three parts released in August, the other two released in September. Now, what was the reason behind it? Why not the whole season together? According to me, the OTT platform has had a brain fade to be honest. Also, it ran the risk of people staying away or losing interest in a franchise who is decently successful(and mind you, season 1 had to face a similar fate too). Anyway, I have just completed the last of the two episodes of this season, is it thrilling enough, lets find out.

Abhay 2 is the story of Abhay who is a cop and set to investigate the disappearance of a few children till a cat and mouse game begins between him and the kidnapper. While this is the main story, each episode brings with it a side story with some of the most grizzly and gut wrenching killings seen onscreen. The proceedings are dark and after a point, you are right in the drama and tend to enjoy it. The screenplay is fast paced though a few plot points are conveniently added to the drama with the writing having very little depth. Nevertheless, the drama keeps you hooked and booked till the end(which acts as a slight dampener, you will know why when you watch it). The dialogues go well with the proceedings. Director Ken Ghosh(who is best known for his debut film Ishq Vishk) has done a pretty good job here, some of the crime scenes are cerebral and will send a chill down your spine, and a lot has got to do with the way the scenes are shot and directed.

The performances are pretty good. It is Chunky Pandey as Harsh who sets the ball rolling with a refreshing change from his otherwise comic roles. He is excellent here! Bidita Bag as Saloni plays a seductress with a dark side to perfection! I wish she gets more chances going ahead. Asheema Vardaan as Mira/Rakhee is also fantastic is a relatively smaller role. Indraneil Sengupta again proves his mettle as an actor, his track is terrifying. Asha Negi as Sonam looks pretty and has done a very good job. Raghav Juyal as Samar is a revelation, this role of his is a distant one from his dancing avatar. It is psychotic and evokes fear, essayed excellently by him. Ram Kapoor as the kidnapper is a veteran and again he is outstanding as usual. Nidhi Singh(who is on a role by the way) as Khushboo is totally convincing and again a role that she makes it her own. Kunal Khemu as Abhay, the man is finally getting his opportunities and he is not only making them count but nailing them down. Outstanding!

Abhay 2 is strictly for adults, keep your children away. It is dark and disturbing yet deliciously spine chilling. Available on Zee 5!

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