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Uncut Gems

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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The weekend is just a day away and if you are wondering why am I saying that on a Wednesday, then starting tomorrow ie Thursday, there are back to back 12 new content making its way to the OTT platforms and cinema houses. This weekend is perhaps the most hectic and the most promising one in terms of new content lately. But before that, I thought of scratching one film from my watchlist. Now I am well aware that I am super late to the party but I finished watching the 2019 English film Uncut Gems on Netflix starring Adam Sandler. This film just randomly popped up from my watchlist and given that I have been struggling with my watchlist lately, I decided to give this film a shot. So then is Uncut Gems worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Uncut Gems follows the story of a debt ridden jeweler who has to manage his imbalanced life on the personal front and the professional front, after his debts keep on mounting. The story is a dark comedy cum thriller which moves at a brisk pace. The screenplay standing at almost 135 minutes does manage to hold your attention right from scene number one. The opening shot of about five minutes where there are just a collection of murmurs without a single dialogue being comprehended sets the ball rolling for the chaos to follow. Soon, you are introduced to the protagonist and almost instantly he is not likable. The fact that every character has plenty of shades of grey makes them an interesting bunch.

The screenplay is laced with dollops of dark humour in the midst of the drama which unfolds like a thriller. There are plenty of twists and turns which do keep you engaged throughout. The tone of the drama is loud which can honestly be annoying but the writers seem to be mindful of that and they don’t allow it to be overbearing. The final 30 minutes is when the intensity of the drama increases ten fold. Before that in a hilarious auction scene, things are setup nicely. The gambling shown in the film is accurate and it forms a large chunk of the finale act which ends in a bit of a shocker! The end perfectly sums up the screenplay which is deliciously dark! And this is a sports film too in a weird way!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are quirky and they add to the humour quotient of the film. The BGM is outstanding and it elevates so many scenes of the drama. The entire mood of the drama is setup so well by its BGM. The cinematography is pretty good as well. Directors Benny Safdie and Josh Safdie have done a tremendous job here. They had a very niche subject in hand and to weave an engaging tale around it is no mean feat.


The performances are in sync with the mood of the drama. Julie Fox as Julia and Idina Menzel as Dinah have their moments to shine. Keith William Richards as Phil is terrific particularly towards the end. LaKeith Stanfield as Demany is first rate. But it is Adam Sandler in your not so typical Adam Sandler role as Howard who is brilliant to the core. It is amazing to witness places where he is able to extract humour just by sheer comic timing which he is quite frankly a pro at. This is a towering act by him, no two ways about it.


Uncut Gems is a film laced with deliciously dark humour which makes it well worth your time. Available on Netflix and Highly Recommended!

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