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Sana Patel

This is a love story between a 25 year old Animator Seo Joon-hee and his sister’s 35 year old best friend a coffee franchise supervisor, Yoon Joon-ah. This love story is so cute and endearing that you will find yourself rooting for these two since the very first episode. It is an absolute must watch for all the romantics, specially the Asians as the difficulties the couples face from the society is relatable and you will have a constant smile on your face in this 16 episodes series.

This series revolves around a Doctor and an Army officer who meet in an unlikely comical situation and thus begins their whirlwind romance. This is an wholesome series with just the right amount of cliches, action and comedy. This will definitely give you the feels with its amazing cinematography and sizzling chemistry. This series is a rollercoaster ride and will get you hooked instantly.

The plot revolves around a talented ballerina who loses her eyesight in an accident making her bitter in life. An carefree Angel from heaven is given the impossible task to find true love for this obnoxious and rude ballerina. Will the angel complete his last mission and return to heaven forms the crux of the story. I love this series for its unique plot and execution. It will make you sad and heartbroken but at the same time will give you immense joy.

Kim Min-kyu has a severe allergy of physical contact with humans due to which he lives in isolation alone in a luxurious mansion. He is stuck with a humanoid robot created by the company he has invested his money so that they could convince him not to sell of the company. Kim Min-kyu who never had a relationship in his life due to his allergies falls in love with a robot. Once again very unique and interesting plot. It also has very intriguing sub plot. However, the highlight is the love story which is extremely funny and endearing to watch.

Suspicious partner is a crime legal drama. This series is loved by all demographics due to its story been very well balanced, which revolves around sly psychopath murderer and at the same time romance brewing between the prosecutor and his trainee who also happens to be the prime suspect of the mysterious murders. The romance is cliche which starts with hatred and moves on to jealousy. Highly recommended for people who want to watch a good romance series along with some shocking twist.

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