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Top 10 Underrated Horror Movies to watch (or rewatch)

Oculus 2014 English Horror Movie Review

Mike Flanagan is a master of this genre. This 2014 gem revolves around an antique mirror, which the protagonist (Kaylie played by Karen Gillan ) feels is responsible for the death of her family members. With minimal characters and settings, Flanagan proved that it doesn’t take much to create genuine horror. And yes, after watching this we don’t trust mirrors anymore !

It Follows 2015 English Horror Movie Review

It Follows tells a story of a monster which will follow and kill you unless you pass the curse to someone else. But here’s the catch — the monster will appear as any other normal person. This constant fear of getting caught and having trust issues, drives the story forward. A must watch for anyone who wants some unique horror experience.

Devil 2010 English Horror Movie Review

The movie revolves around five strangers who accidentally got stuck in an elevator. Soon they start experiencing haunting incidents that will change their lives forever. The main strength of the movie is the sharp suspense that it maintains throughout. Even after many re-watches, it remains fresh and claustrophobic.

Orphan 2009 English Horror Movie Review

This may not be a paranormal entry in the list, but definitely a brilliant venture towards a less explored territory. Director Jaume Collet-Serra tells a story of a couple who decide to adopt a 9-year-old girl, Esther, from the local orphanage. Soon they would regret this seemingly harmless decision. The on-point acting by the cast only adds up to the bone-chilling twist waiting towards the end. If you’re tired of constant jump scares, this may be the movie for you.

Based on Stephen King’s work with the same name, this tells a story of an alien invasion that forces many locals to take shelter in a supermarket. Besides telling a story of the apocalypse, this shows how people tend to show their true colours in the face of death. The movie leaves you with a powerful ending and that alone makes it unforgettable.

Another film from Flanagan’s hat. Let’s face it, 2014’s Ouija was a disaster. So for the follow-up, Flanagan had a tough task in hand. In Origin of Evil, he uses many of the cliche horror tropes. Yet this movie terrifies you. A family uses fake Ouija board tricks to help people move on. One day they buy a new Ouija board that will soon turn their lives upside down. Check out this movie to find beauty in jump scares !

A straight up Zombie apocalypse movie ? Not really. Besides telling the story of a father-daughter duo stuck in the midst of a Zombie attack, the movie explores some of the most beautiful aspects of human relationships. The cinematography is stunning, the emotions felt real. Maybe the best movie to start worrying about social distancing again.

Sinister is both downright gory and horrifying. Writer moves into a house with a violent history. Soon he finds some gruesome videotapes and that leads to the ultimate jump scare fest. The movie remains fan-favourite and inspired a not-so-great follow-up in 2015. Just in case you’re planning to watch Sinister, you’ve been warned.

Debutant director Robert Eggers stormed the genre with his 17th century tale of a family that gets banished from a colony over religious dispute. It’s a dark slow-burn film that tries to explore different shades of remorse while staying loyal to the genre. An example of exquisite filmmaking.

A true masterpiece from director Na Hong-jin. Horrific incidents start happening in a village when a stranger comes in to stay there. Horror, Mystery, Zombie, Black Magic, Psychological thriller- you name it; this movie has covered it. The constant twists and turns with that nerve-racking intensity is enough to give you some sleepless nights. A would-be horror classic for sure.

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