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Quickly onto the next new release and I have just finished watching the new webseries Tabbar on SonyLiv. Its trailer seemed in the neo-noir space which made it quite interesting. With a stellar cast, I was quite curious to witness the drama unfold, does it manage to impress…lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Tabbar follows the story of a retired police officer who will go to any length to protect his family. The story does give you a Drishyam vibe where a similar incident takes place here before branching out. The story which is set in Punjab is definitely in the neo noir space and it is quite interesting to watch too. The screenplay is a slow burn and takes some time to unfold. But you will be gasping for breathe by the end of the first episode where you are caught unaware. And that is when you are completely invested in the drama, wanting to know what happens next. What the series smartly tackles is the issue with drugs that might be prevalent in Punjab. We had seen that in Udta Punjab as well, and here too an undercurrent is prevalent tackling the similar subject. On the downside, the story gets a little stuck just going around in circles. You do get a feeling of getting a slight move on. But you are in for a shock in the second last episode and an even bigger shock in the last episode that is an emotional one and will leave you numb too. The thrill element is maintained throughout although with not as many twists and turns that will keep you engaged throughout. Overall a well written screenplay.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues do give a flavour of the place they are set in which makes the drama very authentic. The music is outstanding here with a pulsating BGM that will make you chew your nails. Director Ajitpal Singh has done a good job here in keeping the thrill element intact and also creating an interesting set of dynamics between the characters.


The performances are excellent which means the casting by Mukesh Chhabra is top notch once again! Kanwaljit Singh is impressive in a cameo. Lovely Singh is astonishingly outstanding here, Nishant Singh is good. Ali Mughal as Multan is intimidating. Nupur Nagpal as Palak is absolutely brilliant here and she does full justice to her role. It was refreshing to see her character layered and conflicted too and very well portrayed. Ranvir Shorey as Ajit Sodhi is menacing and ruthless, a far cry from the recent roles which he has enacted which shows the versatality of the actor. Paramvir Singh Cheema as Lucky has a great screen presence and does a terrific job as the cop. The fate that his character meets with is indeed shocking! Sahil Mehta as Tegi does a fabulous job here. Your loyalties with this character would keep shifting which means it is a job well done. Gagan Arora who you may have seen in a few TVF sketches and their show College Romance is in top form here as Happy. He is probably the find of the series for me particularly with the way he goes about his role which is complex and layered. The veteran Supriya Pathak is brilliant particularly in the final act. Oh what a performance, that stays with you and haunts you after the series is over. Pawan Raj Malhotra as Omkar delivers yet another acting masterclass. His cold blooded persona and his stoic presence can send a shiver down your spine in what is an extremely powerful and towering act.


Tabbar is an engaging neo-noir thriller that is well worth your time. Available on SonyLiv.

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