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Satyameva Jayate 2

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Ok let us smaaashhhh! I must admit that the trailer of the new John Abraham starrer Satyameva Jayate was not bad, It was very bad! So I had no hopes from the film anyway. To add to it, it was directed by “The Manmohan Desai” of the 21st Century, Milap Milan Zaveri who has gems like Mastizaade, Marjawaan or Satyameva Jayate(part 1) to his name. I was so sure this would feature in the genre of the Baaghi franchise. But there were so many critics who started giving 4 stars out of 5 right before its release. So a part in me thought to watch the film in a theatre. But later I decided in waiting for its OTT release. Finally the film Satyameva Jayate 2 is out on Prime. I knew it would be bad but I wanted to know how bad it would truly be. Well stick around for the roast review!

Story & Screenplay

Satyameva Jayate follows the story of …..oh wait this has a story to it?? Two identical twins fighting against corruption and breathing the air filled with jingoistic nationalism – there I summed it up for you! Don’t get me wrong, a sense of nationalism is important for all of us and country comes first. But to manipulate the story in the name of nationalism is not acceptable. Secondly, this isn’t a sequel of part 1. This isn’t a film at all, just a collection of scenes that have little to no connection between them. But this what do we know at Popcorn Reviewss. This is a commercial film meant for enjoyment, let us nor dwell in the story much right? I enjoy my share of commercial films but you cannot make this trash and serve it in the name of entertainment. I wonder who approved this d*gs**t. Is this where cinema has come to? Is this a homage to the 80s? Let me put it on record, this trash would have failed even in the 80s. Don’t even get me started with the redemption part here. The screenplay is a snorefest of the highest order. What novelty are you showing here? What entertainment are you providing here? If it helps, some sequences are outrageously funny. The protagonist being hit and staying unmoved while the national anthem is playing, or the protagonist lifting a motorbike as if he is lifting a leaf. Or the icing on the cake, the two protagonists pulling down a helicopter and not allowing it to fly. Phew, I can go on and on and on!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are all rhyming for all the characters. It doesn’t matter if the character is dying or in the parliament or on duty, all are poets here. Some of the most cringy dialogues are penned in the most obnoxious way. The music is average but it adds a relief from the trash that is served. One song(Jan Gan Man) stands out, to give credit where due! The action sequences are laughable after a point. Director Milap Milan Zaveri has done a terrible job. I am not enjoying this roast and I can imagine the amount of hate that this guy would get but this was a triggering moment. It cannot go on! Yes mental health matters but then it is inevitable to be thrashed for this trash. Direction is poor here if you want to hear(oh that rhymed!).


Why is there a competition about who would get an award for the poorest department in the film. Everytime a department underperforms, the other one is worse than it. The performances are bad, no other way to put it. While some good actors like Gautami Kapoor, Anup Soni and Harsh Chhaya are literally wasted, the main cast is disappointing too. Divya Khonsla Kumar just cannot act. This is the universal truth. It seemed she had come from straight from an elocution competition, all she was armed with was one stagnant expression throughout. And her dialogue delivery, it would give a tough fight to a small kid in acting. There was a time when John Abraham was picking some amazing films to act in. Yes, he never was a great actor ever but he was atleast sincere in his work. Well, now all he is reduced to is shouting through his dialogues and one odd expressions here and there. This is a new low but there is hope. Hopefully, he will turn things around with his next release “Attack”.


And the worst film of the year goes to….Satyameva Jayate 2. It ended up giving me a headache and if you want to gift yourself one as well then go for it. Else don’t waste your hard earned money on paracetamol. Available on Amazon Prime.

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