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One Mic Stand (Season 2)

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The Euphoria of the weekend has begun with the T20 World Cup underway and the mother of all clashes India vs Pakistan scheduled for tomorrow night! But before that lets wrap up some of the new releases that are out this week. First up, I have just finished watching the new season of the Standup Series on Amazon Prime called One Mic Stand. Now, I had absolutely loved the concept of the show and thoroughly enjoyed season 1. Some of the gags of Bhuvan Bam and Shashi Tharoor from season 1 were memorable that had made me laugh hysterically. In fact some of the episodes had repeat value too! With season 2 coming out, it had an interesting lineup which I was really looking forward to. Is it then worth your time, stay tuned.


The second season of One Mic Stand follows the same suit as season 1 where different celebrity guests from different walks of life are paired up with some popular standup comics. This in itself is a unique concept and a really good one. What this successfully does is allow the audience to get a sneak peek into the other side of the celebriries which they love or have a certain image of. Not that anybof the episodes would do enough to change their image considering all 5 episodes are less than 30 minutes, but atleast they do their bit in exploring the other side of the celebs. So indeed a good concept!

Gags and the Impact

The second season of One Mic Stand comprised of 5 episodes which were filled with gags that were unfunny unfortunately. Unlike season 1 that had a spark to it with some great writing, the humour here seemed to be mindly forced as well. Atleast some of the celebrities didn’t feel comfortable on stage too which may have got to do with the writing. Some of the writing seemed just too hard to make you smile which resulted in being borderline cringy as well. I just wished the flow of the gags was a bit organic like in season 1 with the guests having a blast onscreen. Here though it had little impact and was largely forgettable.


One of my favourite performances of the season was Chetan Bhagat for me. He was unabashed and unpologetic and basically had a blast onscreen. This was indeed a fun episode that I really enjoyed. Another performance that I enjoyed was of Sunny Leone where she ended up making jokes on her which was refreshing. The rest of the three guests were quite stiff on the stage and somehow the humour did not break through. It in fact ended up being a bit of a drag whereas each act had a potential to fly considering the themes.


The second season of One Mic Stand is barely passable and unlike season 1, it falls below your expectations. Available on Amazon Prime.


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