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Zombie Reddy

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It has been a year since Covid-19 firat struck on Indian shores. Current day scenario is that although we do have a vaccine, the cases are increasing again by the minute. During this year there was an absolutely ridiculous theory of people turning into Zombies after getting struck by the pandemic. And based on this theme, I have just finished watching the new Zom-Com on Aha, Zombie Reddy. Every now and then it is always fun to catch a Zombie movie. Is this worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Zombie Reddy follows the story of a set of people turning into zombies In the eye of the pandemic and in a quest for a vaccine. What is the cure? The story has a novel value to it as it is set against the backdrop of Covid-19 pandemic. The screenplay is such that there is a slow buildup in the first half where almost nothing happens. There is a subplot that unfolds during this period. Now the thing with the Zombie genre is that you want to get into the thick of things right from the beginning. But you sit there patiently for the eventual apocalyse to set in. Here I would like to mention that as a standalone feature, the subplot was not too bad, the only drawback being this was a Zombie film. Cut to the second hour and things begin to speed up as the Zombies are in play. The second hour more than makes up for the inactivity of the first hour. The tension is palpable and so is the humour with several twists along the way. I was also convinced about the ending, there were shades of mythology to it which was refreshing to see. The screenplay was a killer in the second hour.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues will make you chuckle, the one liners are pretty good. The BGM is quite decent though it could have been better and a little more memorable. Director Prasanth Varma who had earlier directed one of my favourite films of all time Awe(review under Popcorn Quickies) has done a pretty good job here as well. The comedy and thriller balance is done right particularly in the second hour.


The performances gel well here. R J Hemant as Kalyan manages to tickle your funny bone quite often. Daksha Nagarkar as Maggie looks beautiful and has done a great job even in action sequences. Getup Srinu as Kasi Reddy also manages to put a smile on your face. Anandhi(character name under wraps) is outstanding with a charming screen presence. She excels in action sequences and is amazing in her acting chops too. Teja Sajja as Mario on his debut outing is superb. He does a great job with his acting that oozes with confidence.


Zombie Reddy is another feather in the cap in the Zom-Com genre. Available on Aha.

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