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Onto the last review of the weekend(though the list is endless), a weekend that has really flattered to deceive. I had some high hopes from the weekend but barring Torbaaz none of the other films/series were really impressive. So with minimal hope I decided to watch the Hina Khan starrer, Wishlist on MX Player, is it worth your time, stay tuned.

Wishlist is the story of a young couple, married for 7 years till an incident turns their world upside down. The story is not very novel, we have seen many movies been made on similar subjects earlier too. But the screenplay is what holds your attention almost throughout. Though this movie had the potential to be a tearjerker, it never gets melodramatic. The proceedings are realistic with a touch of philosophical context. Standing at just 93 minutes, the screenplay is taut and doesn’t really drag anywhere. The parts featuring Europe add a layer of freshness to the drama. It was supposed to be a sad film, instead it is a happy and vibrant film teaching you a lesson or two about life.

The dialogues are philosophical and thought provoking. The music could have been better even the BGM. The film is beautifully shot capturing the locales of Europe very well. The flaw that I could see is in the technical department, the choppy editing was a real concern and the jump cuts took away the mood a bit. Director Rahat Kazmi has done an excellent job with the direction handling the subject well.

The performances of everyone are good including the supporting cast. But the movie is basically about two characters – Mohit and Shalini. While Jitendra Rai as Mohit is decent(his character is a little dull to begin with), it is Hina Khan who shines as Shalini. She infuses life into the drama and is such a natural. Wish to watch more of her in the future.

Wishlist is pleasantly a good watch. It is beautifully shot, poignant and vibrant at the same time that teaches you a life lesson along the way. Available on MX Player.

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