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Dracula Sir

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Right from the time I had first watched its trailer, Dracula Sir had me completely hooked. This was one movie that I wanted to watch since a very long time. Now if you have been following my reviews then there aren’t too many Bengali films that I have reviewed. And with this I planned to changed all of that! When I got the news that it was releasing in theatres, I was elated. But soon that turned into disappointment as it didn’t release in Mumbai. Finally, finally after many failed attempts, I have managed to watch Dracula Sir on the Hoichoi app, and with massive expectations may I add. Did the film meet my expectations, stay tuned.

Dracula Sir is the story of a teacher who has protruding canines that have earned him a name ‘Dracula Sir’. In a non linear parallel narration, another story is set in the 70s where a young revolutionary is hiding at his ex-flame’s house. How are the stories related? The story is poetic – a term you wouldn’t find it associated with a horror film. The very fact that the protagonist is ridiculed by the society thereby pushing him into depression is so well portrayed. The complex and mind numbing screenplay gives faint vibes of ‘Joker’ though their similarity ends almost instantly. The concepts of life, birth and even reincarnation are faintly touched upon. The screenplay is non-hurried and if you are looking for some jump scares, there aren’t any. If you looking for entertainment, there isn’t any either. But what you get is masterful storytelling, a case study which needs to be studied thoroughly and savoured. The horror elements will make you squirm, particularly with the use of blood which is overtly used. The end leaves you at a juncture which was far from expected, particularly in a regional language film. It literally plays with your mind(especially the twists at the end) and stays with you long after the film is over. Exceptional is the word!

The dialogues are down right exceptional. I fell in love with the music which is so melodious and its memorable BGM. Each emotion is so convincingly conveyed through its music that also gives a fresh flavour of the city of Kolkata where the film is set in. The film is beautifully shot with each frame conveying a story and thereby standing out. Director Debolay Bhattacharya has done a phenomenal job with the direction. A tricky subject handled sensitively by a storyteller of the highest order!

The performances are outstanding, particularly when you notice that almost all characters are complex in nature. Rudranil Ghosh is just exceptional, so is Kanchan Mullick and Bidipta Chakraborty. Mimi Chakraborty as Manjari has such a complex character with so many layers, she has done an outstanding job. This is the first time I have watched her onscreen and wish to see more of her. The star of the show is undoubtedly Anirban Bhattacharya as Raktim/Amal. Two characters distinct in nature and both of them are effortless nailed down. In fact Raktim seemed like a distance cousin of the Joker, such was the impact of his character. Each trait of his be it depression, anger, sadness, his existential crisis all of them add up to this acting masterclass!

Dracula Sir has not only met my massive expectation but crossed it and by some margin. It is a modern day masterpiece, another tick in the horror genre and another regional film that has pegged back Bollywood that wee bit. Available on Hoichoi and Highly Highly Highly Recommended!

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