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Bawri Chhori

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Unlike the last few weekends, this weekend is stacked up with so many new releases. While the weekend ‘pawri’ just got started with Drishyam 2, let us jump straight into the next review. And so I have just finished watching Bawri Chhori on Eros Now. I had watched its trailer and I honestly couldn’t make up my mind if I had liked it or not. It seemed unconventional for starters and that is what made me curious. Is this worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Bawri Chhori is the story of a women who goes to London to find her husband….and kill him. The story sounds whacky for sure. And here you also get bits of comedy and philosophy, a combination that doesn’t really go together conventionally. The screenplay starts off a little slowly where you are trying to figure out the dynamics of the characters and more importantly what is going on. Through the main protagonist you are on a road journey that would eventually teach her a few life lessons. After a point, the film is breezy but it also has a few hiccups along the way. Firstly, the idea is a little far fetched and you don’t really get a backstory of who the protagonist is and why is she on a vengeance. Secondly, the humour in parts seems a little forced and the writers at times get confused with the tone of the film. But on the positive, the treatment is unconventionally good. After the initial hiccup, the film picks up pace and then doesn’t drop. The last few scenes give the movie a holistic picture. The screenplay is decent here.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are pretty good particularly of the character Anna who has a mix of English and Hindi dialogues. I really enjoyed the soundtrack of the film, I thought it was different from something that I have heard before. Director Akhilesh Jaiswal has done a pretty good job here. Though the pacing is inconsistent but the theme stayed true throughout.


Niki Walia as Suraj is good in a cameo. I found Vikram Kochchar endearing as Anand. Rumana Molla as Anna is the find of the movie for me. I have earlier seen her in smaller parts but here she is brilliant in a breakthrough performance. The British accent is remarkable and on top of that speaking Hindi in the same accent is indeed commendable. Aahana Kumra as Radhika is the star of the show. She carries the filn on her shoulders and really delivers a fine performance. Another talented actor that I wish to watch for often.


Bawri Chhori is not your typical run on the mill Bollywood film. It is unconventional in its theme and dare I say experimental too. Allow it sometime and this shall not disappoint. Available on Eros Now.

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