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In last week’s release, Gunjan Saxena, we witnessed a heartfelt father and daughter relationship wherein the father is always supportive and a pillar of strength for his daughter. Yes, Thank God It Is Friday and I bring to you yet another one of those early bird reviews. So, I have finished watching Mee Raqsam which also features a heartwarming story of a father and daughter. Does it tug the strings of your heart and strike a chord, lets find out.

Mee Raqsam is the story of a father-daughter duo from a humble background who has to face certain hardships after the latter begins learning a classical dance form against the wishes of her community. The story is a refreshing one and quite novel, relevant and relatable, as during my school days I have witnessed such a discrimination with a few of my friends. The screenplay is taut and wastes no time in the drama. At few moments it is a little too convenient with a sort of a cliched end yet the sequences are well written. The storytelling though could have had a little more depth but nevertheless the final message is a good one! Dialogues are routine and thankfully not dramatic. The dance sequences have been well picturized and choreographed. Music is good. Director Baba Azmi has done a good job dealing with a sensitive subject.

Naseeruddin Shah as Hashim Seth is excellent in a cameo. Juhaina Ahsan as Kulsoom, Kaustubh Shukla as Ashfaque and Shivangi Gautam as Anjali have their moments to shine. It is always a pleasure watching Farukh Jaffer onscreen. Shraddha Kaul(last seen in Breathe : Into the Shadows) as Zehra Khala is ernest and in good form here. Sudeepta Singh as the ever smiling Uma exudes positive vibes, Rakesh Chuturvedi Om as Jaiprakash is good. Danish Husain as Salim is so heartwarming to watch and it is his silence that speaks louder than his words. Aditi Subedi as Maryam has also done a pretty good job here. Her performance is moving.

Mee Raqsam is a small film with a big heart and a good message. Please support such smaller films as much as you can! Available on Zee5!

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