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I remember it being a very hard time when my grandma and grand dad were admitted to a hospital on two separate occassions. After a point even the surroundings began to get depressing as we patiently awaited them getting well soon and eventually discharged. Yes, it is a monday and many of you were inquiring about the review of the new Malayalam film Madhuram on SonyLiv. This has truly been a year of The Malayalam Film Industry who are operating on another wavelength altogether. Their success rate has been 95%(strictly based on the films that I have watched) with just a couple of blips along the way. That said is the last hurrah of the year worth your time, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Madhuram follows the story of a group of individuals who bond in the waiting area of the hospital while awaiting the news of the recovery of their relatives. The one feeling that I got instantly was that this is such a sweet and heartfelt film. As I mentioned, it is indeed a hard time but the camaraderie between the individuals is so infectious that you can instantly drawn into the film. Yes, we have seen a few films whose premise is set in a hospital(like Waiting) and the films do get depressing. But here the screenplay is filled with a lot of divine sweetness that manage to leave a smile on your face. The moments that are created are just so organic that you can’t help but falling in love here. Often screenplays here are manipulative into making you feel a certain way but here it wasn’t anything like that. There are scenes that are filled with emotions that would make you shed a tear and almost instantly put a smile on your face. While the screenplsy takes about 15 odd minutes to set the ball rolling, the characters are so well fleshed out that you are invested in each and everyone of them. Even a brief flashback is not a distraction, instead it allows you to understand the characters even more. The subtle twists and turns may seem predictable but when they do arrive you are further drawn into the drama. The films ends on a brilliant message that just fills you up with so many emotions and warmth. This is a masterclass in screenplay writing, thoroughly enjoyed it without a single dull moment!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues add a lot of warmth to the drama and do their bit in touching your heart. The music is so beautiful here and some of the melodies slowly seep in to your heart and into your soul. The BGM is still echoing in my ears while I am penning this review, just so poignant and heartfelt. The production design is outstanding here and so is the editing and cinematography. Director Ahammed Khabeer who is the director of June delivers a film filled with so many emotions that you enjoy each and every bit of it. The dialogue that says, life isn’t only about laughter and joy, this (sadness) is life as well, just hits the right notes. Distinction marks reserved for the direction.


The performances are absolutely brilliant here. Navas Vallikkanu as Vishnu has his moments to shine. Pradeep Mallapuram as Kartik and Chandni Pournami Athreya as Madhu are just adorable. Lal as Dr. Rajesh gives a very calm and composed performance. Indrans (you may remember him from #Home) as Ravi is just a pleasure to watch onscreen. Nikhila Vimal as Cherry looks very pretty and does a great job. Arjun Ashokan as Kevin is wonderfully restrained and the turmoil that he undergoes might be relatable to many. Shruti Ramachandra as Chitra is top notch and she does an excellent job. Joju George as Sabu takes you on a roller coaster of emotions here. He is charming and heartfelt and a very affable character and just so real. He breaks down each emotions bit by bit and makes you feel every bit of it. This os an acting masterclass from a terrific actor.


Madhuram is filled with divine sweetness that makes it one of the most heartfelt films of 2021. One of my favourite Malayalam films this year along with Nayattu. Available on Sonyliv and Highly Highly Highly Recommended.

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