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Love Hard

Sana Patel
2.5 Star popcorn reviewss

Yet another weekend and yet another release on Netflix. Love Hard stars Nina Dobrev, Jimmy Yang and Darren Barnet in leading roles. Romcom is my absolute favorite genre and Netflix has been churning out quite a few of these. Also, was super excited to watch Nina Dobrev in a film which is completely different from her much loved character of Elena from The Vampire Dairies. Is Love Hard the same typical clichéd romcom ? or does it have anything new to offer lets find out.


The story probably has nothing new to offer in the genre but the characters are definitely layered and relatable. It is an enjoyable family film which can be watched once especially if you love watching a good mix of Asians and Americans.


Natalie Bauer is a writer for dating Column in a Company based in LA and writes about her own stories of failed romances and dates. Her boss feels that due to her terrible experiences in dating other single people feel happy as they feel they are not alone when it comes to terrible dating experiences. She finally meets the perfect guy on a dating app, who lives 3000 miles away from her in the East coast.

Even after plenty of miserable dates Natalie is optimistic and chooses to fly down on Christmas to surprise her online boyfriend Josh Lin. Well turns out that Josh Lin is a nerd and not the macho, very good looking guy she assumed him to be. She feels cheated and disheartened. When she is about to leave for LA she bumps into Tag Abbott, whose photo Josh Lin used on the dating app to woo her.

Natalie and Josh strike a deal where Josh promises Natalie that he will set her up with Tag if she pretends to be his girlfriend for Christmas for his family’s sake. Will Natalie agree to Josh’s plan and forgive him for misleading her and will she succeed in wooing Tag forms the story.


Everyone is pretty much grounded and do a good job. My absolute favorite was Harry Shum Jr who had a small role but was quite hilarious. The music has soft love songs which are pretty decent.

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