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Lag jaa gale,
Ke phir yeh,
Haseen raat ho na ho,
Shayad phir iss janam mein,
Mulaakaat ho na ho.

If someone were to ask me my favourite song of all time, I would choose this one in a heartbeat. The feelings and emotions of this song are so raw, they me me cry each and everytime I hear the tune. And while I had heard this song as a child too, the song and particularly the lyrics made more sense while I was growing up.

As they say, it takes a fair amount of loss to know what the pain attached to it might feel like. The song just sneaks into your heart, melting it and eventually moving onto your soul till you end up teary eyed missing the person who was once close to you. And the emotion is so pure, it cannot be diluted with any other emotion while you surrender to the tune!

It has been only a couple of years since I lost my grandma. And there has not been a single weekend when I don’t remember her simply because we did pay her a visit each weekend! I wish she was there with us even today, I would do anything to get her back, if ever I had a chance to! I wish we could spend some more time together, oh how I wish we were still together. The lines always reminds me of her.

Himko mili hai aaj yeh,
Ghadiyaan naseeb se,
Jee bhar ke dekh lijiye,
Humko kareeb se,
Phir aapke naseeb mein,
Yeh baat ho na ho,
Shayad phir iss janam mein,
Mulaakaat ho na ho.

The song in many ways than one, teaches you to value the time that you get with your loved ones, for you may not get that time again, perhaps in this lifetime! There have been other personal losses along with heartbreaks and this song submerges me in the mood, the mood of pathos, sadness and pensiveness. Perhaps elsewhere in a parallel universe, this song would bring about a happy emotion where I would be smiling. Or perhaps, even in a parallel universe, the emotions of this song would grip me leaving me with moist cheeks. As the lines go… 

Aankhon se phir yeh pyaar ki,
Barsaat ho na ho,
Shayad phir iss janam mein,
Mulaakaat ho na ho.

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