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K.G.F.: Chapter 2

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And the Weekend Biggie is finally here!! Leaving the best for last was the decision that I took and with that I finished watching the Kamnada magnum opus, the keenly awaited KGF Chapter 2. It was in 2018 when the PAN India culture was just starting to kick in when a Kannada film by the name KGF Chapter 1 decided to take on the King Of Bollywood head on. So it was KGF vs Zero then. While Zero tanked at the Box Office, an unlikely winner emerged almost like Rocky Bhai in KGF. And a new star was born – Yash. And so since then the buzz was been real and people were keenly awaiting the next chapter in this successful franchise. After multiple delays due to the pandemic the film is finally out. I must admit its trailer was a touch underwhelming almost exactly how I had felt about the trailer of RRR. But any which way I was going to watch KGF Chapter 2 in a theatre. So then does KGF Chapter 2 manage to impress, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

KGF Chapter 2 follows the story of Rocky who is now ruling the roosts and calling the shots till he is met with another nemesis who will stop at nothing to see his downfall. The story is blistering yet packaged in this mass masala entertainer. I am amazed at how the mass masala entertainers are looked down upon by certain cinephiles whereas if done correctly by makers like SS Rajamouli or Prashanth Neel in this case, then they need to be applauded for their detailing. So the screenplay opens with a group plotting the downfall of the protagonist only for the tables to turn on them almost instantly. I felt this was a smart piece of writing given the fact that the writers were getting straight to the point in allowing the audience to understand the things to follow. The protagonist relying on strategies instead of relying on brute force was another sign to allow the audience to sink their teeth into the drama.

There are a few flaws here as well. The romantic track just did not sit correctly and it could have done without. In fact, a part of it was problematic as well. The part where the protagonist almost forces the female lead calling her “entertainment” was just not correct and more than one PAN India films are actually guilty of showcasing a romantic track in the most toxic and bizzare manner. And because you do not connect with her, the eventual fate of her character doesn’t register well too whereas it should have. The film would have been as effective even if this track was removed.

The part where the screenplay scores is the multiple face offs between the protagonist and his nemesis who is given a killer look. Some of the best action set pieces are well incorporated in the screenplay especially the entire sequence just after the halfway mark. With bullets flying that was just a technically brilliant sequence which was designed. The twists and turns in the screenplay will keep you hooked and booked as you constantly would root for Rocky bhai to kick some more ass. Mind you the tone of the film is indeed loud and not subdued and to enjoy this bit fully, you will need to surrender to the vision of the filmmaker completely. The last 30 minutes are well worth your time with a smashing final face off between Rocky and Adheera along with the entire parliament sequence. And the mid credits scene is one of the best I have seen recently paving the way perfectly for Chapter 3.

I usually do not post theories but Anmol’s video on his youtube channel Tried and Refused Productions made me think about it all night! So mild spoilers in this paragraph. What if Farmaan is actually not dead and he indeed is Salaar, a film slated to release in 2023 directed by Prashanth Neel himself starring Prabhas. If this is true, we could see Prabhas and Yash together shattering every Box Office record possible in KGF Chapter 3 which could be a start of the multiverse. Exciting Times Ahead, thank you Jammy for this theory!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are massy with many lines filled with heroism and machismo but that is what we had signed up for. The music is pretty good here although I feel Chapter 1 had slightly better music. But the blaring BGM is what makes its presence felt in every scene. At times the BGM is indeed loud but overall it is Ravi Basrur who weaves his own magic of telling the story through the pulsating and blistering BGM. It did help that I watched the film in a theatre with great speakers, it was every worth my penny. The cinematography by Bhuvan is outstanding capturing some beautiful shots in the most breathtaking manner. This ensures that you have a wholesome experience while watching it in a theatre. The editing by the 19 year old Ujjwal Kulkarni is absolutely smashing and the boy has some serious skills as an editor. Director Prashanth Neel is a visionary director and he really puts up a show here. It is so easy to falter in the second film of the franchise by easily getting carried away with the success of the first film. But here, the director is in complete control and he really pushes the envelope in terms of storytelling. The direction is top notch.


The performances are excellent. Roopa Rayappa, John Kokken and Vasishta Simha have their moments to shine. Easwari Rao as Farmaan’s mother is top notch. Saran Shakhti as Farmaan is earnest and sincere and does a brilliant job. Archana Jois as Shantha is top notch and she really holds her character together very well. Achyuth Kumar as Guru Pandian and Prakash Raj as Vijayendra are superb, as is Malavika Avinash as Deepa. Srinidhi Shetty as Reena looks very pretty and does a good job although there were slight issues with the way the character was designed. Raveena Tandon as Ramika Sen is explosive and it made my the happiest watching her in such a powerful role. Likewise for Sanjay Dutt who is god smackingly brilliant as Adheera. The makers get his look right and acts as a perfect nemesis to the protagonist. Which brings me to Yash. The man is a superstar make no mistake and as Rocky Bhai, it was easy to get carried away and go overboard here. But he is in well control almost teasing the audience with his performance. His swagger is to die for and man does he have a magnetic screen presence. I guess it is time to say Salaam Rocky Bhai, once again!


KGF Chapter 2 is a dynamite, an absolute dynamite which should be enjoyed on the big screen only. Absolutely well worth your time! Available in a theatre near you and Highly Recommended!

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