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Karkhanisanchi Waari

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And Monday is here but before that what an eventful weekend it was! Some amazing new releases and all of them living upto our expectations. To keep the ball rolling, I decided to watch and review the new Marathi film Karkhanisanchi Waari on SonyLiv that had released over the weekend. Now, we have seen a fair bit of dark comedies revolving around death. Films like Ee Ma Yau or Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi definitely are standouts in the genre. But the thing with this particular genre is that it is quite vast and so many more layers can be discovered. That said, is Karkhanisanchi Waari worth your time, stay tuned. Here is the Karkhanisanchi Waari Review!

Story & Screenplay

Karkhanisanchi Waari follows the story of a dysfunctional family who take a road trip following a death in the family to immerse the ashes at three different places. The story is mounted as a family drama or a road movie with dollops of deliciously dark humour. The screenplay is almost designed to be light hearted without any melodrama. There is no buildup here and it gets straight to the point. You are quickly introduced to the characters and the dynamics between them before hitting the road. The situations created there are not only interesting but more often than not you will find yourself laughing hysterically. The characters do not enforce that laughter on you. Instead they are so well written that most of them seem relatable. You will always find these kind of relatives in your own family as well. And whats more is that they just react to the situation without trying to extract humour. This is the sole reason why the screenplay works like a dream. A couple of the subplots are also pretty interesting that will keep you hooked and booked throughout. There is never a dull moment in this wonderfully penned drama that ends on a hilarious note. In other words, the screenplay is well worth your time.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are extremely quirky and they make an impact almost instantly. The music is quite good but the BGM is even better and gels so well with the drama. The cinematography is quite good as well and captures some breathtaking frames. Director Mangesh Joshi does an excellent job here and is able to create this dark humour effortlessly.


The performances comprise of a stellar cast with a brilliant act! Subhangi Gokhale as Indira has a hilarious role and she pulls it off brilliantly. The veteran Vandana Gupte as Indira(yes again) is quite outstanding. Mrunmayee Deshpande as Madhuri is absolutely first rate as a character that has a conflict of her own. Ajit Abhyankar as Ajit and Pradeep Joshi as Pradeep have an impeccable comic timing and they are able to extract humour from simple conversations as well. Geetanjali Kulkarni as Sadhana is a far cry from her character from Aarya. She is a brilliant actor and makes her character so relatable. Such a pleasure watching her as always. Mohan Agashe as Satish is top notch here and does a fantastic job as the patriarch of the family. Amey Wagh as Om is in outstanding form. There are so many layers to his character and he does a brilliant job. Also the way he was able to create that dark humour was a treat to watch!


Karkhanisanchi Waari is a heartfelt black comedy that you cannot miss! It is a pity that Sonyliv hasn’t promoted it much. This one is Highly Recommended!

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