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Inventing Anna

Preeti Goel
4.5 Star popcorn reviewss

Money. money. money. We have seen a lot of movies based on the obnoxious amounts of money based on bankers, traders, real estate in Manhattan or New York but how many of them were based on women? And that too in her twenties. That is one of the reasons you must watch ‘Investing Anna’. Are there more reasons to watch it, let’s find out?

‘Inventing Anna’ is inspired by true events and based on a woman who is a twenty-five-year-old socialite in Manhattan’s most elite circle trying to build an exclusive art club raising funding off the world’s most difficult banks and real-estate owners. Except it’s all a hoax. She is a con artist. I am reminded of another con movie ‘Catch me if you can’. That fraud happened in the 60–70s. But can you imagine a scam of 275000 Dollars in 2018?? It really makes you wonder if anything has changed in the world at all? Or it is still so easy to fool rich people by wearing clothes from the most expensive fashion houses and just pretending to be one of them? I am disgustingly astonished. 

The Netflix series does confess of creative liberty in this story though it was truly stupefying to see how even some of it could be true. Anna was a really smart woman with an eidetic memory, a great fashion sense, and knowing what people in the so-called high societies look at. The actress playing the part has done an incredible job. She is mean, cold and unapologetic but you will hate to love her.

There are two other main (side characters) who have everything in the line and perhaps Anna is their only chance to redemption. And maybe that is why they stuck with her when everyone else cut her off. For me, the real hero in the story is one of these characters. The woman who is actually ‘Inventing Anna’. How does that work? Watch to find out if you agree with me.

Quoting directly from the show, “She was neither pretty. Nor hot and not even nice. But she was still able to convince the richest and smartest people in New York that she meant business”. This show is the best I have seen in a while and is absolutely gripping. The locations, the parties, the extravagant lifestyles all add to an extremely interesting story along with brilliant performances. Only a little caution that the episodes are long, you might get hooked up and miss that workout!

The question really isn’t how much of it is true because you and I will never know. It is all about an entertaining show and oh yes! lots of drama. Well, Isn’t that what life is in the twenties? This is a limited feature so don’t miss out.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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