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Inside Edge (Season 3)

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It is strange that in times of a hectic weekend with so many new releases crammed up, this weekend came as a welcome relief. Surprisingly so, there wern’t too many new releases. But having said that, there were a couple of significantly huge ones. The money heist fever may have ended after the final heist, but the cricket fever is still on. On the cricket front it was the New Zealand off-spinner Ajaz Patel who made history by picking all 10 Indian Wickets. Although India are way ahead in the Mumbai Test, an overseas spinner picking all 12 Indian Wickets(2 in the second innings) is no mean feat. Speaking of which I just finished watching the third season of Inside Edge on Amazon Prime. It was Inside Edge which was the first webseries to premiere on an OTT platform almost 5 years ago. Since then the series has gained huge popularity globally with its theme being the dirty side of cricket. Now, you may or may not agree with the theme of the show but surely you cannot ignore it. That said, does season 3 manage to impress, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

The third season of Inside Edge starts off from the point where season 2 had ended, where the focus now shifts to the three match test series between India and Pakistan. The story is gritty, cerebral and quite engaging. The screenplay takes a while to buildup, carefully tying the loose strings from the previous season. In doing so, it makes some startling revelations and contributes to some twists and turns that will keep you engaged throughout. The drama gets murkier by the minute as there is a hussle for power. Also throughout its runtime, the writers have tried to slip in real life news regarding cricket and mostly successfully so. The cricket matches that are picturised are quite entertaining and it gives you a feeling that an actual match is being played. On the downside, some of the ideas that are presented are quite far fetched and at times the cricket matches lacked a bit of detailing. Some might find the pacing to be slow here but this for me did add up in being cerebral and a lot more textured. The climax is nail biting and it ends in a cliffhanger which is nicely setup for season 4. Overall, a pretty well written screenplay that will keep you invested throughout with its unexpected twists and turns.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are subtle, sharp and pack a lot of punch thereby leaving the desired impact. The BGM is first rate and it really adds to the tension. Also, it doesn’t overpower any scene or drama as a whole. The cinematography particularly in the cricket scenes is phenomenal. The director’s chair is taken over by Kanishk Varma who had last directed the Vidyut Jammval starrer Sanak is in top form here. He definitely is able to hold your interest throughout with timely twists and turns. And the cricketing portions are a lot of fun to watch as well.


The performances are outstanding here! Flora Saini as Ayesha Dewan definitely makes her presence felt in an extended cameo. Jitin Gulati as Pritish is first rate. Himanshi Choudhary as Sudha looks gorgeous and has a terrific screen presence. Sapna Pabbi as Mantra is quite endearing in a character that is slightly sharper than the last season although oblivious of the politics around her. Ankur Vikal as Coach Azeem has his moments to shine. Sunny Hinduja as Sultan is terrific and he did run the risk of going overboard with the Pakistani accent but the amazing performer that he is, he was well in control throughout. Ankur Rathee as Allen is outstanding in a role that required him to potray it delicately and with sensitivity. Amit Sial as Devender is such a natural and always a pleasure watching him onscreen. Aamir Bashir as Bhaisaab is excellent. His character has a bit of an arc and is a little more hunan and vulnerable and he does a fantastic job with it. Akshay Oberoi as Rohit is simply fabulous to watch even in the scenes featuring cricket. I did read that he wasn’t well versed with playing cricket as he was born in New Jersey. Well, he was totally convincing as a cricket and simply fabulous to watch as always. Also, his portrayal of his character is quite sensitive and real as well. Vivek Anand Oberoi as Dhawan is a tailor made role for him. He has always been an underrated actor and he is phenomenal here as a character who is connniving and seething with anger yet someone who finds redemption. Sayani Gupta as Rohini is simply brilliant and her track about her past is quite interesting. Sidhant Gupta as Imaad, yhe bew addition to the series has an endearing vibe to him and he definitely does a good job. Richa Chadha as Zarina Malik is outstanding. She is the meaner version of her previous self and she does full justice to her part. Tanuj Virwani as Vayu is simply exceptional. I feel he was one of the best performers this season. He has definitely lived his part by working on his body language and looks the most convincing as a cricketer. He is such a natural and exudes of confidence in a performance that stays with you after the series has ended. Overall, a fantastic outing by everyone.


The third season of Inside Edge has definitely hit the ball out of the park. It might seem slightly far fetched but definitely well worth your time. Available on Amazon Prime.

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