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Hiccups and Hookups

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Onto the second series for the weekend and I have finished watching Hiccups and Hookups on brand new Lionsgate App. Yes, this is the first of the many Indian content which will be available on the Lionsgate app which up until now had loads of English content. An official adaptation of the series ‘Casual’, the vibe of Hiccups and Hookups seemed fresh and vibrant. Does the series manage to impress, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

Hiccups and Hookups follows the story of a brother and his ‘almost’ divorced sister along with her daughter who stay under one roof and look for a compatible partner. The story idea is definitely fresh and vibrant. The screenplay is light and frothy and definitely compliments the story. If you are a fan of shows like Masaba Masaba or Potluck then you can categorise this new series in that genre. It unfolds like a slice of life kind of drama with daily issues amidst the routines. And ofcourse there are loads of hookups along the way too. The best part about the screenplay is that it does not take itself seriously along with it being breezy. And the humour which is engrained is casually funny which will put a smile on your face although you won’t find yourself laughing hysterically. The situations created have a fresh vibe to them which makes for a leisurely watch. Yes, at times things do get repetitive and the writers have gone a tad overboard with the representation of today’s youth who do just want sex apparently but these are a few flaws that can be overlooked from a larger perspective. There are several heartwarming moments as well especially towards the end. Overall, a fun screenplay that doesn’t take itself seriously.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are quite hip and urban and will cater to today’s generation(that includes me😁). The BGM is nice and upbeat and definitely compliments the drama. I really liked the production design here that gave the series a very young look. Director Kunal Kohli does a pretty good job keeping things light and frothy throughout without getting overtly melodramatic.


The performances are pretty good and a large credit for it goes to the casting director Mukesh Chhabra who is yet again bang on with his casting. He couples up as an actor too and as Sarthak he is hilarious even with his PJs. Meiyang Chang as Rinzing has his moments to shine. Meera Chopra as Fatty looks like a million bucks and definitely makes her presence felt. Khalid Siddiqui as Dhruv is endearing. Divya Seth Shah delivers quite a dignified performance. Ayn Zoya looks gorgeous and has a confident presence onscreen. Shinnova as Kay is pretty good in her debut outing. Prateik Babbar as Akhil is absolutely in his zone here and has some quirky one-liners to boast of. Lara Dutta as Vasu is absolutely smashing here. She delivers quite a balanced act and it was an absolute pleasure watching her onscreen.


Hiccups and Hookups is a light hearted entertainer which is vibrant and refreshing. Available on the Lionsgate app.

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