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Free Guy

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As a kid, I was introduced to the world of video games a bit late, but slowly and surely I was invested in them. Those definitely were the golden days when games like Counter Strike, GTA Vice City, Mario or Road Rash were popular. Soon, there were movies made on video games too. Movies like Pixels, Ready Player One or Assasin’s Creed all were popular although not entirely successful. So when I got to know about the new Ryan Reynolds starrer Free Guy which had the concept of a video game, naturally I was excited. And finally I got to watch it. Does it meet or exceed my expectations, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Free Guy follows the story of a regular bank teller who soon discovers that he is an NPC(Non Player Character) in a video game universe. The story has a high concept associated with it and it is a great one. And because this is such a high concept film, you will take a while to warm up to the proceedings. The screenplay though does assist you very well with it. There are a few gaming jardons integrated in the screenplay, but it does well to explain the terms which otherwise ran a risk of diluting its impact. The first half after the initial few minutes, sets a tempo for things to follow. The few predictable and some not predictable twists and turns will keep you invested throughout. The tempo is maintained in the second half as well that culminates into a super hero finale which just leaves you asking for more. The subtle humour is carefully intersperced in the screenplay with some clever reference to Captain America, Hulk and Star Wars. Overall, the screenplay is indeed entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable with a nice little ‘Human’ Touch to it!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are cleverly penned and make an instant impact. The quirky one-liners will make you chuckle as well. The dialogues will surely put a smile on your face. The BGM is good and blends well with the drama. The use of graphics is spectacular with some amazing VDX and cinematography that make it a grand product. Director Shawn Levy has done a terrific job here keeping things light with high doses of entertainment.


The performances here are first rate. Lil Rel Howery as Buddy is endearing and does a good job. Taika Waititi as Antman is over the top although it works extremely well for him and his character. Utkarsh Ambudkar as Mouser looks at ease onscreen. Joe Keery as Keys is good in the limited scope that he gets. Jodie Comer is fantastic as Millie and she does full justice to it. And it is that man again who after Deadpool tickles your funny bone – Ryan Reynolds. As Guy he has an impeccable sense of timing coupled with an honesty with the way he carries off his role that makes him affable throughout. Another great outing by him!


Free Guy is a high concept  wholesome family entertainer that is thoroughly enjoyable throughout. Available in a theatre near you and out on Disney Plus Hotstar on Friday 15th Oct. Highly Recommended!

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