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Drushyam 2

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It was in February 2021 before the second wave when the second installment of the Drishyam series(Malayalam) was out. And at that point it was clear that the Drishyam franchise will expand for other languages as well. And so the first remake of Drishyam 2 is out. With that I have finished watching the telugu renake of Drishyam 2 titled Drushyam 2. Naturally there is going to be comparison with the original which I believe many may have watched it already. So here are my two cents on whether you should invest your time in watching the remake or not.

Story & Screenplay

An official remake of Drishyam 2, Drushyam 2 picks up 6 years after the first episode had ended. If you have watched the original then you will definitely be aware of the vibe of the film. The story is definitely praiseworthy and a fitting followup to the first part, something which I had also mentioned in my review of Drishyam 2 which you will also find on Popcorn Reviewss. The screenplay is a frame to frame copy and the good news is that it is done well. It definitely helps here when the director of the original is same. Like the original, the screenplay here also involves a lot of buildup in the first hour. Come the second hour things start beginning to unfold a lot quicker as you are thoroughly invested in the drama. Ofcourse you will know what transpires next if you have already watched the original. But if you haven’t the twists and turns are unexpected and it will keep you engaged throughout. I just want to point out that if a remake is attempted then this is the way it should be done, not trying to add pointers of your own as it may impact the overall tone of the film, something that we saw in the Malayalam film Brahmam which was the official remake of the hindi film Andhadhun. Overall, a well written and well adapted screenplay which is cerebral in nature.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are quite well penned and do justice to the subject matter at hand. The music is decent, so is the BGM. Director Jeethu Joseph who had also directed the original can literally sleepwalk through this film as he is well aware of his pulse. His direction is pretty good and it keeps you invested throughout.


The performances are pretty good here. Suja Varunee as Saritha does a pretty good job. Kruthika as Anju and Esther Anil as Anu are both good and have their moments to shine. Sampath Raj as Goutham has a good screen presence and does a good job. Shamna Kasim and Nadia Moidu both are impressive. I really enjoyed the performance of Meena who essays the role of Jyothi. And it is Venkatesh Daggubati in his second remake of the year after Narappa who manages to impress again. As Rambabu he is terrific although if you compare his character to the one essayed by Mohanlal in the original, Mohanlal definitely takes the cake. But taking nothing away, he is excellent here.


Drushyam 2 is a worthy and faithful remake of the original Drishyam 2. It can be watched if you haven’t yet watched the original or you aren’t comfortable watching a film with english subtitles. Available on Amazon Prime.

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