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Creed III 2023 Sports English Movie Review

Creed III

Kayomarz Daruwala
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss

“It’s your time.” These were the words from Rocky to Adonis and how apt it meant. It is Creed’s time and his time to take the franchise ahead without being under the shadow of Rocky. A franchise that is now 5 decades old. Wow!! Cannot believe it. With 9 films combined, the Rocky and Creed franchise are right there up at the top where entertainment is concerned. 

5 years after the amazing Creed ll, comes the sequel to it and it leads the story ahead. The bagpiper has found its own way and he is now on the right path, it seems. Michael B. Jordan has taken the command in his hand and he directed Creed lll being his debut direction. Has he filled the shoes? Is his direction full of conviction? Can he be the Creed? Let’s find out.


The movie starts with an incident that takes place 15 years back in the life of Adonis and Damian. A snippet from past and how it is relevant even after ages is the crux of this film. The past never leaves you, it holds its grudge, its truth, its own identity and it hurts too at times. The story is seen through the eyes of Adonis and his journey after retirement from wrestling. He looks after the gym setup and trains new age boxers and organises matches amongst fighters and champions. The Rocky 3 route taken here. The story takes a turn when one fine day Adonis meets Damian, who is bailed out from jail after 18 years. From here we get into the lives of both buddies and their mental dealing with the situations they have been through. The bond and the impact of that incident takes the movie ahead. Creed lll is about dealing your situations mentally with or without having someone in your corner. It looks beyond just giving a knockout in the ring. A film that is about boxing but its best punch is to the life. The upper cut through your guilt and sufferings that have stayed back deep in you.

Direction and Cinematography

Damian has his own struggles and his life has been miserable. His expectations from his brother like friend was not wrong. He expected him to at least have a check on him. A misunderstanding, a care by a mother towards her son, Mama Creed never let those letters reach Adonis, which were written by Damian from jail. This led to disbelief in friendship and also a feeling of abandonment. The story revolves around these two and also Adonis’s family. The bond between Adonis and his daughter is beautiful and emotional. Bianca is always there around him and for him. She balances those family equations quite well and she is not just a side kick here. A value addition to the whole story and even how she has dealt with her own career and dreams.


Creed lll is not a perfect film but it is beautiful, hard hitting and deals with the past and its trauma pretty well. There are some pacing issues, especially in the 2nd act of the film but it all comes up well in the end. The direction is bang on and scenes are structured well to shine. A tough role to play but Jordan did it well and he rose to the challenge. There is depth in scenes and they get better of you too, at times. 

Performances are top notch and everyone played their part exceedingly well. Tessa Thompson as Bianca is layered. Those eyes speak more than lips. She really understood the tussle between Adonis and his mind, it reflected well. Phylicia Rashad as Mama Creed gives her emotional best. Mila Kent as Amara is adorable and someone to look for. She is just amazing. Michael B. Jordan has owned Creed and his eyes, his bodyline and the way he expresses, everything seems so natural and organic. He doesn’t need Rocky by his side anymore. The show stealer here is Jonathan Majors as Damian Anderson. Oh boy, this man took it to another level. Probably one of the best characters in the whole Rocky-Creed franchise. He is intimidating, he emotes so well and yes, he is perfect.


The soundtrack is good and it adds that pump to the scenes and the training montage. Cinematography by Kramer Morgenthau is to look for, especially the final fight. It is highly inspired by the Anime. Jordan’s love for Anime is quite evident here and some exceedingly well choreographed boxing scenes inspired from Dragon Ball Z. Out and out, it is a value addition and a well-made sequel to the beloved franchise. The fight is not about fighting each other, it is about fighting their past and those situations. Did I miss Rocky? Yes. Do I wanted him to see? Yes. But did the movie need him? No. And that’s where Creed lll succeeded and is standing right there with the flag of the franchise rising high and going up. Do give it a watch in theatres. 

Rocky never leaves you but Creed is here to stay.

Disclaimer: The above review solely illustrates the views of the writer.

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