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Country Mafia

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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Onto the next release of the weekend and after one of the most sensitive films that I watched recently in the form of Wonder Women, I happened to watch one of the most lame and ridiculous series on Zee5, titled Country Mafia. And with that the universe is perfectly balanced as it should be!

Being a critic(or a reviewer), you are exposed to many great stories around the world. I am a fan of stories and hence I love my job hands down! But with it comes certain challenges in the form of content which is so ridiculous that you want to put a bullet through your head and put an end to the proceedings. And Country Mafia was one of them. I should have taken a hint from the fact that none of the actors have been promoting this series, enough. I usually try to be constructive with my criticism but this series has left me no choice but to go all out! So then does Country Mafia manage to impress? Ofcourse not, but stay tuned and lets have some fun!

Story & Screenplay

Country Mafia is a revenge saga for two IAS aspirants who wish to extract revenge from a local mafia lord for the death of their father. And if this one liner doesn’t make you facepalm then there is more to it! The screenplay standing at 7 episodes of roughly 20 odd minutes each made me believe that this may have been a movie cut as a webseries. But by the end of it the picture was clear, the makers may have run out of money(presumably so) and hence decided to setup things for season 2. Yes, let that sink in!

Usually in gangster dramas, you have to establish the world and then slowly make your way up. But here, you are barely introduced to the two protagonists in the most half-hearted and laughable manner. Right from the first scene I knew that this spells trouble for me but I still decided to go ahead and waste my time. The drama is just so patchy, filled with random events that it felt straight out of a 90s C Grade film. In other words, the drama is dated and how!

I have a qualm to settle with the writers. How can you right this utter nonsensical script? Leave alone the novelty factor, were the events even remotely linked with one another? And one word to the producers? How can you green light this piece of dogsh*t? Either you wanted to go ahead with this wannabe idea or you genuinely had faith in this script? There is absolutely no redemption in the script whatsoever.

When you are making a revenge drama, you ought to have faceoffs between the two parties concerned. But here the only face-off results in season 2 which was just so abrupt and laughable for me and unintentionally so! This while I slowly watched my brain cells die, bit by bit, episode by episode. What was worse was that I had to take a paracetamol from a recurring headache while watching the series. I do not generally go all out with the criticism but it is time the makers cannot serve anything and everything in the name of entertainment. The audience cannot and should not be taken for granted! Because every time we do, I will speak out! Period!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are way too over the top for my liking. Believe it or not, there is a “filmy” song in the series before a kill and that too within the first few minutes. I may have facepalmed twice during this period. The music and BGM are just not upto the mark. The cinematography is below average bit the editing is so patchy and so bad that it solely is one of the weakest elements of the drama. Director Shashank Raai does an incredibly bad job with this drama. The lesser said the better!


The performances comprise of some brilliant actors but none of them leave a mark really. Satish Kaushik as Mahant is reduced to a caricature. Anita Raj as Mamta overacts in every scene. Soundarya Sharma who is currently in Big Boss S16, as Nannu never acts at all. Even Ravi Kishan of all people does go overboard with his antics. Anshuman Pushkar as Ajay is the only one who is good here although this is nowhere close to his other brilliant works like Grahan, Jamtara and Kathmandu Connection.


Country Mafia is the worst series of the year so far and another stalemate from Zee5 after Tadka.

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