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This week happened to be a little dry as far as new content is concerned. So, it gave me an opportunity to once again scout for some fresh stories which may or may not be necessarily mainstream. And so I have just finished watching the Pakistani Series Churails on Zee5. Here, I have to admit that many of you have been requesting for its review for more than a month now. And I had started this webseries last month itself, but owing to 10 episodes of 60 mins each(approx), this kept getting delayed. The new releases did contribute to it too, but here I am now with its review finally. So, here we go!

Set in Karachi(but this could easily have been set anywhere else too with the same impact), Churails is the story of four women from different walks of life that form a group to break the patriarchy in their society. And by giving this away, I haven’t even scratched the surface for what is in store for you. The story is raw, dark, relevant and outstanding, no amount of words of mine will be able to justify how good its content actually is. The screenplay is multi-layered with multiple sub tracks that will demand your attention throughout. What starts off on a slightly frivolous note(owing to the characters, and not the writing), soon becomes pretty intense. The twists and turns make the drama deliciously dark. The narrative style is non linear and hence, it will require some focus and patience to watch this. But the mystery which begins midway through will always keep you engrossed. And the tricky part was joining the dots at the end. If that hadn’t been done efficiently, this drama would have falled flat but such is the writing that all things perfectly add up in a shocking finale! The dialogues range from quirky to relevant. The use of music is refreshing with an even better BGM. Director Asim Abbasi(who by the way has directed Cake available on Netflix, Highly Recommended) has done a phenomenal job here yet again. At no point do you feel that he was losing control, his direction was spot on and deserves distinction marks!

The performances here are outstanding. Eman Suleman as Mehek impresses in a cameo! Omair Rana as Jameel looks smart and has done a terrific job. Kashif Hussain as Shams has some terrific screen presence. Meher Jaffri as Laila is a standout among the crowd. Amtul Baweja as Munni and Bakhtawar Mazhar as Pinky impress too. But the show belongs to the 4 churails. Nimra Bucha as Batool has a dark character arch and she does full justice to it. Yasra Rizvi as Jugnu is a total badass and played to the T! Sarwat Gilani as Sara is wonderfully restrained and such a dignified performance. Mehar Bano as Zubaida is outstanding and my favorite among the four(among equals should I say). And boy can she kick some ass! All other characters impress too! Each character is just so well written.

Churails is not only a socially relevant series but also a true modern day masterpiece. This is one show you just cannot miss. Available on Zee5 and Highly Highly Highly Recommended!

PS : We need more such Churails don’t we?

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