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Chupke Chupke (Season 1)

Sana Patel
3.5 Star popcorn reviewss


Another fun filled and family entertaining drama from across the border. This is one of the most viewed and searched drama in pakistan. The reasons behind its success is its quirky and original story line and also an ensemble cast with impeccable performances.


The story revolves around the conflicts between two families who are not only neighbors but are related to each other as their grandfather had two wives. Nawab Sahad had two wives ( Parwar & Bhakt) whom he treated equally and they both lived in adjacent houses. Parwar and Bakht are always on the loggerheads and hate each other’s guts. Once Nawab Sahab passes away their hatred intensifies even more. Both of them have grandkids and they seem to get along well with each other in spite of their grand mother’s cold behavior towards each other.

Parwar’s granddaughter Muniha ( Ayeza Khan) is not too fond of Bhakt’s grandson ( Faaz – Osman Butt) as he not only tutors Muniha who strongly dislikes studying but also makes fun of her for not having ambitions in life. Faaz desire in life is to find someone who loves reading and is an intellectual person. Whereas, Muniha’s wish is to get married as soon as possible so that she doesn’t have to study further. Faaz and Muniha both are very different in their nature and character traits. Muniha’s cousin, Hadi ( Arslan Naseer) is best friends with Faaz and also in love with his sister Mishi ( Aymen Saleem).

Both these families are crazy and always looking to outwit each other. Faaz sister Gul is very possessive of Faaz and keeps invading his personal space whenever he shows desire to marry. Under most unlikely circumstances when both Faaz and Muniha are left at the alter by their partners their family decide to get them married and thus begins the roller coster of fun, laughter and comedy.

It is a little slow and draggy specially after the entry of Salman Saqib who comes across as annoying for his portrayal of a hot tempered husband.


The debutants Hadi ( Arslan ) and Mishi ( Aymen) are show stealer in this with their cute banter and impeccable comic timing. The plot is very original and deserves your time. Overall a super fun family entertainer.


This series has lot of big names associated with it and it will take you by surprise seeing all these fine actors nailing their comedy parts so well. Ayeza khan and Osman Butt shine in their roles. Asma Abbas and Uzma baig are hilarious in their roles as social media obsessed grandmothers. Icing on the cake are the surprise package Arslan and Aymeen Saleem in their respective roles. The background music is also very catchy and soothing.

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