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With all the main releases out of the way, I am now heading for a Marathi film on SonyLiv. It has been a while since I have watched and reviewed a Marathi film but rest assured, there will be more of reviews of Marathi films soon. And with that I have finished watching the new Marathi film Chumbak on SonyLiv. A film that had premiered at MAMI has now finally found its way to the OTT space. Does it manage to tug the strings of your heart, lets find out.

Story & Screenplay

Chumbak follows the story of a young 15 year old boy who in order to earn a quick bucck bumps into a 45 year old mentally slow man. The conflict of ambition vs humanity thus begins. The story has a simple premise but is honest and heartfelt. The screenplay too blends so well with the drama. The initial few minutes are spent in introducing the protagonist and the issues in his life. These few minutes are important as you as an audience do not label the protagonist negatively and rather look at the wholesome picture. The demarcation between right and wrong might be blurred through the film but that is definitely sorted by the end of him. Also the freshness in the writing lies in the fact that the drama does not get heavy. It is treated in a light hearted manner and in a sinple manner as opposed to a convoluted drama. This also helps in conveying the right kind of message. While the main story begins with the introduction of the 45 year old protagonist, it is his dynamics with the 15 year old which is pleasant to watch. Although their relationship is rocky but there is this genuine heartwarming emotion to it that reaches its pinnacle by the end of it. The subtle twists are turns might be predictable but there will definitely keep you engaged and engrossed throughout. Overall, an honest attempt at writing a heartfelt screenplay.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are the ones that we use in our daily lives that gives it a authentic feel to the drama. The Music and BGM compliment the story pretty well. The cinematography is quite nice with some lovely frames captured. Director Sandeep Modi has done a terrific job here keeping the message subtle and not trying to drill it across. And at the heart of it, the emotions are all in the right place and that is a huge green tick in the direction department.


The performances are top notch. Sangram Desai as Disco the wily 17 year old is absolutely terrific here and natural to the core. Sahil Jadhav as Baalu is really heartfelt and the conflicts that he has to deal with is brought out with so many conflicting emotions by him. An excellent job done. Swanand Kirkire who is a prolific writer makes his presence felt with an astounding act here as Prasanna. The child like quality that he brings to his character is really impressive and the dynamics that he shares with the other characters is really heartfelt.


Chumbak is honest and has its heart in the right place. A heartwarming and heartfelt watch. Available on SonyLiv and Highly Recommended.

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