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Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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The interim PVR-INOX issue of the distrubution of Malayalam films(till Sunday) really impacted my plans of getting to this film quicker. But I was not the one to get bogged down and boy was I rewarded! Fahadh Faasil has got to be one of the most versatile actors at the moment who is far too unassuming with his performance wherein he manages to surprise the viewers every single time. Quite honestly, I would watch anything that he features in, given his track record in terms of his performances. Which is why I was really looking forward to the new Malayalam film Aavesham which was out this Vishu. What made me even more curious was the director behind the helm of things here – Jithu Madhavan, the man behind the hilarious horror-comedy from last year Romancham, one of the few Malayalam films that had tasted success at the Box Office in an otherwise sub par year for the Malayalam Film Industry. And it was a great time to bring his new film considering that the Malayalam Film Industry has been on a roll lately! So then does Aavesham manage to impress, let’s find out.

Story & Screenplay

Aavesham follows the story of three engineering students who befriend a local gangster in order to extract revenge from a bunch of seniors who happen to beat them up. But their decision comes with a set of challenges that they did not envision! The story here is zany and goes absolutely bonkers with its comedy that definitely makes for a hilarious watch. In fact, this is as close you would get to a ‘mass’ kind of cinema from the Malayalam Film Industry wherein the genre itself is used like a parody of sorts that results in several enjoyable moments along the way. The vibe and zaniness reminded me of the Malayalam film RDX from last year which was mounted on the similar kind of crazy emotions. This makes me want to believe that it may well be the revival of the action-comedy genre which has been on the backburner for a while now. The screenplay standing at a whopping length of close to 160 minutes is entertaining, hilarious and zany to the core that accounts for an enjoyable ride without any hiccups along the way. And it is the off-twang sense of humour that shines throughout the narrative! 

The drama opens with the introduction(and literally re-introduction) flashing on the screen wherein you are acquainted with the three protagonists who visit Bangalore for completing their degree in Engineering. There is something about the city of Bangalore that attracts Jithu given that his previous film Romancham was also set in the same city(apart from being based on a partial true incident). Here, like any other Engineering College hostel, you see the bunch of students resorting to smoking and drinking apart from running into the seniors who hold a position of power in the college setup. This very conflict is elaborated owing to the overconfidence of the three protagonists who decide to take them on, only to be whipped and battered by the opposite ‘gang’ even as they aspire to form a gang of their own. And so, they decide to take professional help by trying to befriend some gangsters from the city at a local bar, until they stumble upon Ranga, a looney but overtly friendly gangster who takes a liking to them. But seldom do the boys know that this decision of theirs may turn up to be life threatening to them. 

The proceedings are engaging and hilarious particularly because the writers get the vibe of the drama spot on! All seems to be hunky-dorey for the boys to begin with, almost indulging in the stories told about Ranga(which they don’t really tend to believe) while wishing to be an eye-witness to some of his fights, either with arms or otherwise. In between, the viewers are acquainted with a little backstory of Ranga involving his mother that plays upon a dual set of emotions wonderfully well. It is a touch emotional while being laced with a lot of humour that makes for a hilarious watch. What is even more hilarious is eccentricity that Ranga and his trope of men bring to the table. This culminates into a hilarious interval block that absolutely hits home with its humour amidst the shift in power towards the boys in the engineering college arena. 

The second hour marks a set of realisation on the part of the boys on what they have gotten themselves into including a college placement in the gang of Ranga😂😂😂. A little subplot involving the tussle of Ranga with another gangster who was once his guru, epitomizes the zaniness in the drama to the core! The mood of the drama briefly becomes a tad serious(and why won’t it be given the seriousness of the situation) and that adds a slightly different flavour in the drama. But in between, there are high doses of humour including the birthday bash of Ranga coupled with the game of dumb charades that makes for such a hilarious watch, something that made me shed a tear with laughter. And this is the prowess of the writing that doesn’t deviate from its core vibe including the final climax act that oscillates between being serious and funny with the KGF theme absolutely hitting home at the end in such a funny manner. All of it sums up the screenplay which is zany amd goes absolutely bonkers with its theme.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are sharp with many one-liners majorly erupting out of the situation that the characters find themselves in, that ensures that the movie watching experience is hilarious to the core. The music is pulsating while getting the vibe of the drama just right. The BGM is outstanding as well, often switching between being goofy and inducing a false sense of bravardo, much like its characters. The cinematography is exemplary, capturing the frames while keeping the vibe of the drama in check at any given point of time. The little animation sequence at the end is outstanding to witness while being in line with the zaniness in the drama. The editing is sharp and crisp while maintaining the flow in the drama really well. Director Jithu Madhavan in his second outing after Romancham, has a unique brand of humour that he caters to and brings to the table, and quite honestly, that is his biggest USP. He is slowly developing a reputation for himself which is so reliable while also having a voice that is unique to himself, and that reflects in his world building and characterization too along with his brand of humour. The direction is excellent here while perfectly being synchronous with the overall vibe of the drama.


The performances are hilarious by the ensemble cast here. Mansoor Ali Khan as Reddy and Midhun Midhutty as Kuttetan have their moments to shine. Pooja Mohanraj as Sweety is hilarious to the core in an overall job done to perfection despite a limited screentime. Sajin Gopu as Amban has got to be one of my favourite actors of this universe who is absolutely hilarious with his body language and one-liners. Roshan Shanavas as Shanthan is sincere and earnest while being a treat to watch with his act. Hipster as Aju has a good screen presence and does a great job as well with his performance. Mithun Jai Sankar as Bibi is outstanding here and the kind of varied emotions that he brings to his character is wonderful to witness, often resulting in laughter. But it is that man Fahadh Faasil who owns the arena once again with his performance that was nothing short of being brilliant. As Ranga, there was a certain amount of physicality and intensity that Fahadh brought to his character. Imagine Shammi from Kumbalangi Nights but ten times more bonkers! Yet in bits and parts, he brings forth some emotional traces in his character that act as bittersweet moments in the screenplay. It was so heartening to watch an actor not only completely surrender to the vision of his maker but add elements that would elevate the overall product and his character. This is peak FaFa in yet another towering act of the highest order!


Aavesham is a zany action comedy packaged in bonkers of a gangster drama that makes for such a hilarious and enjoyable watch. Yet another feather in what is proving to be a phenomenal year for the Malayalam Film Industry! Available in a theatre near you(back in PVR and Inox screens as I type) and Highly Recommended!

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