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Silence 2

Farhad Dalal
Farhad Dalal
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As they say in cricket, this is school boy stuff! It was probably a year and a half back that I had watched a nice little mystery thriller starring Manoj Bajpayee titled Silence that wasn’t groundbreaking in any way but still managed to impress with its performances and the story. So when I did get to know that the makers are returning with another case in the second film of the franchise titled Silence 2, I was game for it. Manoj Bajpayee is that one actor whom I would literally pay to watch him perform in any role. And I was once again curious on how he would fare here during his second case. But seldom did I know that Silence 2 will not only be ridiculously elementary in its execution but also a never ending episode of CID which is cringe-worthy with its writing and revelation. I am rarely furious after completing a film, and Silence 2 was one of those rare occasions. And I will not be mincing my words in the review that follows, so stick around for this one!

Story & Screenplay

Silence 2 follows the story behind the investigation that takes place following a shootout at a local bar. Who is the culprit and who was the target along with a bunch of revelations is what forms the crux of the drama. The story here is so sketchy and so elementary along with being cringe-worthy and unintentionaly laughable that I was face-palming throughout the course of the film. The production design did give me an impression that this is a low budget film but that doesn’t excuse the makers to serve this substandard product in the most ridiculously bad fashion. Usually murder mysteries are fun especially if you are playing the guessing game. But here, the structure of the narrative doesn’t allow you time to do exactly that, often being in a mad-rush going from one event to another in a case that is convoluted on paper. Yes, this is a police procedural but there is no stillness to it and the absurdity of the writing continues over the course of its screenplay standing at 140 minutes. 

The drama opens with the visual of an unknown girl being hit on the head(talk about being random). Soon, you are introduced to the protagonist who along with his team is tasked with the investigation of the shootout that has taken place at a local bar. The political angle is soon cut down into something very trivial wherein the viewers(atleast the intelligent ones like me) are two steps ahead of the investigation. This sort of reminded me of CID and the manner in which they used to solve cases on that show. Every detail is emphasized while trying to showcase the involvement of the actors, most of whom are ridiculously bad or unintentionally laughable. Somewhere I did feel that a goid script continued to be buried under the layers of absurdity and substandard-ness. 

The proceedings are dull in the manner in which the case unfolds so much so that I found myself disinterested in the case with every passing minute. Yes, there were multiple suspects and links to the case but about one-thirds into the narrative there was such a huge flaw with the execution that I literally caught onto the face of the culprit(who is officially revealed right at the end). The perception of creating an image of a certain character only to make a U-turn ought to have been done more smartly to atleast keep the mystery alive. And because I could guess the culprit, the mystery became even more cringe-worthy and absolutely ridiculous. The protagonist and his team zero in on the reason first and I was absolutely appalled and not in a good way with the manner in which the entire sequence was shot. It felt literally like a stage play that is extended into an episode of CID. 

It really makes for a hard watch when you already know the culprit and are patiently waiting for the dim-witted characters to crack it. And that for me was another issue with the drama – it tried to be more intelligent than it actually was. In fact, the final 30 minutes felt like a never ending episode of CID where the characters just go around in circles before finally lighting parts of their mind to reveal the culprit(which I knew at the end of the first act itself). And the motivation of the killer was just so pedestrian and ridiculous while being unintentionally funny that I wondered who in the world green lit this script and why would a prolific actor like Manoj Bajpayee sign up for this dogsh*t. Overall, it is needless to say that the screenplay is an absolute mess and there is literally no saving this drama!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are just so cringe-worthy that it made me squirm in my seat even when I was distracted. The BGM is so generic and does nothing to heighten the tension in the drama. The cinematography felt like the work of an amateur, with frames that compliment the substandard production design in a very bad way. I was looking for some spark which just wasn’t to be seen here! The editor seemed to be in a mad-rush of going from one scene to another and it reflected in the manner in which the drama did unfold without engaging the viewers in any manner. Director Aban Bharucha misses the mark by a mile. In fact I couldn’t believe that she was the same person who had directed the first part. The execution was just so elementary and sub-standard that it didn’t give me an impression that this was a feature film. The direction was bad, really bad.


The performances comprise of actors that are either unintentionally funny or under-utilized. Dinker Sharma is generally a safe actor but he goes overboard and how with his character that was insignificant at the end of the day. Parul Gulati was another actor that was plain average(and terribly wasted) while only getting a chance to promote her hairbrand Nish Hair. Shruti Bapna is decent. Vaquar Sheikh who was terrific in Silence 1 as Inspector Gupta is purely wasted. Sahil Vaid as Inspector Amit and Prachi Desai as Inspector Sanjana are decent but do not quite contribute to the drama, wholistically speaking. Manoj Bajpayee as ACP Avinash is good but it is again a performance that comes in a bad film that he really did not need to sign. I did also feel in certain scenes that he looked slightly disinterested as well but it is his prowess as an actor that he managed to hold your attention with his performance. All other actors are ridiculously bad and unintentionally funny.


Silence 2 is a school skit masked as a ridiculously bad CID-esque drama that is unintentionally funny and absolutely cringe-worthy. This is probably Zee5’s Murder Mubarak! Watch it at your own risk! Available on Zee5.

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