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All Of Us Are Dead

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Phew! This took a long time coming! Dedicating one-fourth of my weekend to a show is not easy and hence despite my efforts, I fell a review short this weekend. So you must have seen that only one review was posted on Saturday. This is because I had dedicated a bulk of my time to watch the new Korean series All Of Us Are Dead on Netflix. After the massive success of Squid Game, the Korean shows are slowly gaining popularity in India(yes, I know many of you are fans of them already)! And right from the time that I saw the poster of this new show, I knew I was in for a treat. The Zombie genre is one of my favourite and it was only the other day that I had watched the Marathi film Zombivli and had really enjoyed it. So to get another zombie flick over the weekend was indeed something that I was looking forward to. As a part of the last review for the weekend, I have finished watching All Of Us Are Dead on Netflix. And here are my two cents on it.

Story & Screenplay

All Of Us Are Dead follows the story of an experiment gone wrong that leads to a full blown zombie attack on a high school(and later the city). The story is really some entertaining fodder for zombie lovers like me. But there is a catch. There are a total of 12 episodes with each episode running upto a duration of 60 minutes which is truly daunting. So if you are prepared for this mammoth task then you are in for a treat! The screenplay starts off with a little bit of a buildup till the zombie attack begins right from episode 1. At this point you are quite invested in the drama and all the basic ingredients required for a zombie flick like fear, blood and gore are all packaged into this entertaining drama. We all know that South Korea is really well versed with this zombie genre with an iconic film like Train To Busan that has set the template for the world. So there are a bunch of characters with their side stories which act as side plots here. While some are interesting enough but some could have done without. In other words, some of the sub plots do not work and just add crucial minutes to the runtime.

But the writers definitely are aware of the pulse of the audience. And they serve exactly that. The zombie attack across multiple sequences is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat. The innovative bit(without revealing much here) related to zombies is a welcome addition to the genre and it adds an element of storytelling. Some of the emotional bits are also well drafted but at some point I did feel that the writers definitely do go overboard! After a point, a few sequences are repetitive and to sit for 12 hours in a zombie flick can get exhaustive. Also I felt the drama did peak early leaving with a slightly underwhelming end. But taking nothing away from the journey, I definitely had a blast watching the screenplay that did hold my attention for most parts. The screenplay was a zombie-feat for my soul. Pretty well written and rounded up!

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues range from conversational to emotional to being poignant and they definitely leave an impact. The BGM is pulsating and it will keep you on your toes throughout. The cinematography is excellent and the art department(including the makeup department) deserves brownie points for some terrific work. The director’s chair is shared by two individuals – J Q Lee and Kim Nam-Soo are the direction is top notch. The way the sequences were designed would definitely keep you on the edge of your seat with some nail biting stuff. Overall a splendid job done!


The performances are pretty good here. The ensemble do a fabulous job here. Yoon Chanyoung as Chung-san is terrific and he has a lovely character arc to him. This was one character which I related to the most! Ji-Hu Park as On-Jo looks so pretty and is excellent here. Park Solomon as Su-Hyuk has a tremendous screen presence and he excels in some of the combat sequences. Cho Yinyuh as Nam-ra is wonderfully restrained and her character has an interesting twist here. In-soo Yoo as Gwi-Nam plays the perfect nemesis here. His character will anger youbwhich means a good job done by him. Lee Eun-Saem as Mi Jun has her moments to shine as do Han-Ten and Jinhoen. All other actors were brilliant and each of them stood out and brilliantly so.


All Of Us Are Dead is a zombie-fest for the soul. Carnage, Pure Carnage! The zombie genre is ‘Alive’ and ‘Kicking’!  Available on Netflix.

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