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62 Iconic songs of KK (Part 8/8)

Randhir Prasad Featured Writer
Randhir Prasad
62 Iconic Songs of KK 8/8

Ever since the tragic news of K.K’s untimely demise broke out on the 31st May of 2022, the world was shocked. The Hindi cinema music industry lost one of its veterans. A lot of memoirs, obituaries went around describing just how good an artist and a person he was. Considering the remarkable body of work the man left behind for all of us, all this love pouring out was definitely expected; in fact he deserves much more. For me, K.K. was that secret friend with whom I grew up, through my childhood and adolescence.

His melodies, his voice, his emotions have spoken so much to me. I really don’t think any other playback singer from Hindi movie industry or even from Indie pop would have spoken so much. So in this article, I would like to describe all those songs of KK that have touched my heart. Some of these songs are very popular and some are relatively unknown. Also, this list mostly includes KK’s Hindi movie songs and Hindi pop songs. You may get songs of other languages, but that’s only if they were very popular among listeners who mainly follow Hindi music. So here are 62 Iconic songs of KK:

57. Mujhko Pehchan Lo- Don 2 (2011)

Well KK and Shaan are singers who just don’t sound great together, they also sound great when singing interchangeably. In the first Don released in 2006, Shaan had sung Main hoon Don, now for the revamped version of the same track they got KK. And he’s just as good. He sounds assertive and commanding just as the character singing the track. After delivering a classic SRK romantic track Ajab Si, KK now becomes the voice of SRK’s badass Don avatar. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have done a decent revamp, Javed Akhtar has written the lyrics keeping Don’s grand return in mind.

58. Haan Tu Hain- Jannat: In Search of Heaven (2008)

Another track from Jannat about passionate love. The composer is Pritam, the lyricist is Sayeed Quadri, the song is filmed on Emraan Hashmi, and the singer is KK; all the ingredients of a chart buster ticked.

There is a use of Tabla, there’s also sounds from other Indian musical instruments which is refreshing. I searched a lot to find out who’se the female singer in this track who sings the English lyrics, but I couldn’t find out. The song is credited mostly everywhere solely to KK, which is not fair.
The song is a very a pleasant listen nonetheless. One of KK’s out and out romantic tracks.

59. Yeh Kahaan Mil Gaye Hum- Humsafar (2008)

A very breezy, light listen, goes best over a drive or a stroll. This one is also from KK’s second album Humsafar. There are no fancy gimmicks in this track, plays out very straight and simple, and that’s where it ‘s appeal lies. The track paints this rosy picture of being in a heavenly place with your loved one, you can visualize something like that by the end.

The track is sung and composed by KK himself and written by Mehboob.

60. Alvida- Life In a… Metro (2007)

This is Bollywood’s most iconic Hard Rock heart break song, it has to be this one. A major part of this song involves singing very high notes, and KK being who he is, slays it. When I first heard this it reminded me of a lot of Alternate Rock, Heavy Rock songs I had heard in the west, particularly Aerosmith. I was pleasantly surprised something like this is being composed here. After Bheegi Bheegi in Gangster Pritam was in mood to compose more Rock inspired stuff. He unleashed all his creative juices into Life in a… Metro album.

The song bleeds of the anguish of a soul wronged in love. Amitabh Verma’s lyrics and KK’s vocals deliver the furious agony right into the listener’s mind. The use of electric guitars in the instrumental portions is quite different. It’s not the way you’d expect a Rock heavy song to have.

There is a reprise version of this track sung by James (Faruq Mahfuz Anam) which I really didn’t like, just my personal opinion. That version was actually used in the movie. One of my biggest quips with the movie and the album was why couldn’t they have KK in Band Metro.

61. Rain Bhari Kaari Kaari (Maajhi)- Humsafar (2008)

A very offbeat song from KK. This is actually a song about nature and philosophy, it’s very earthy. Hats off to KK for composing this track so well, it sounds like it comes from someone who composes very often. The song is somewhere between the typical Indie fusion track, and a mainstream Bollywood song, it balances itself perfectly. Mehboob has written the song incorporating the philosophical elements with nature, comparing life with the holy river.

I really don’t think many people would have heard this track. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

62. Bas Ek Pal- Bas Ek Pal (2006)

When the emotion is of passionate romance, especially accompanied by craving and longing I don’t think there’s any singer better than KK to communicate that feeling. He does so here with such panache, I really can’t stop appreciating him more.

This track composed and written by Mithoon is quite a gem in itself. The lyrics especially, so intricately written, convey so much, don’t feel like they come from someone who is primarily not a lyricist. The track is sung by KK and Dominique Cerejo, she gets to sing only the chorus. KK carries the whole song on his very abled shoulder and does perfect justice to the composition. This is definitely one of his iconic songs .

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