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62 Iconic songs of KK (Part 2/8)

Randhir Prasad Featured Writer
Randhir Prasad

Ever since the tragic news of K.K’s untimely demise broke out on the 31st May of 2022, the world was shocked. The Hindi cinema music industry lost one of its veterans. A lot of memoirs, obituaries went around describing just how good an artist and a person he was. Considering the remarkable body of work the man left behind for all of us, all this love pouring out was definitely expected; in fact he deserves much more. For me, K.K. was that secret friend with whom I grew up, through my childhood and adolescence.

His melodies, his voice, his emotions have spoken so much to me. I really don’t think any other playback singer from Hindi movie industry or even from Indie pop would have spoken so much. So in this article, I would like to describe all those songs of KK that have touched my heart. Some of these songs are very popular and some are relatively unknown. Also, this list mostly includes KK’s Hindi movie songs and Hindi pop songs. You may get songs of other languages, but that’s only if they were very popular among listeners who mainly follow Hindi music. So here are 62 Iconic songs of KK:

9. Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar- Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar (2007) 

A very personal opinion: this is KK’s most innocently youthful track. It has such a coming of age quality to it. The song has this strong feeling naivety to it. KK himself sounds like a naive, less worldly wise adolescent whose fallen head over heels in love for the first time. Off course, this song has part of it’s chorus lyrics in “O…O…O…” something that KK excels in singing. There are some techno sounds and rap sounds in between but they don’t meddle with KK’s portions. The composers Ashutosh Pathak and Dhruv Ghanekar have done a good job. This is a very fresh and youthful track even today.

10. Beete Lamhein- The Train (2007) 

Another fine example of three maestros in top form collaborating together to compose a gem of a song. Composer Mithoon, Lyricist Sayeed Quadri and singer KK come together give us this lovely reminiscing song. It’s really awe inducing to notice just how many wonderful melodies KK had sung between 2006-2007. A lot of different aspects of this song are well so well done; it wouldn’t be fair to praise just one. Also, since the lead actor of this song’s movie is Emraan Hashmi, this song just had to rock. The movie quite didn’t do so well but this track along with two others from the movie were all chart busters.

11. Tu Aashiqui Hai- Jhankaar Beats (2003) 

Some songs are just magical. They have this intrinsic magic in them which just touches every soul who listens to it. This is one such magical song. I remember very well in the December of 2003, the year this song came out one particular RJ was counting down all the chart buster songs of that year, he exclaimed how this song was played at least 12 times every week ever since it released. 

The composition of this song is not very high on decibels, yet the song is not a slow song. It’s quite fast paced. But as depicted in the movie, this song is played in a church, and the song very much sounds that way. I can’t help describing how much care the composers have taken to make this song perfectly fit it’s situation: of an amateur band performing in a church in Mumbai. The lyrics are very simple, and sound very conversational, very much like what the characters of the movie would write. The composition too is very breezy, with a feel good vibe, the entity described in the song could be a lover, or be The Almighty Himself, so it works as a romantic track and kind of a casual spiritual track too. 

Kudos to the composer duo Vishal-Shekhar, lyricist Vishal Dadlani for giving us this eternal memory. KK’s singing is off course as top class as it can be, KK himself has publicly admitted how thankful he is to Vishal- Shekhar for giving him this song, and so are we as listeners.

12. Ishq Hoton Se- Jo Hum Chahein (2011) 

Yup, this is a brilliant song in a movie that sunk at the box office. The song was affected by the movie’s performance and didn’t get much noticed. But the song definitely deserved to be a hit. It’s such a beautiful romantic duet by Shreya Ghoshal and KK. Both compliment each other very well. Especially the way both interchangeably sing different lines of the chorus repeatedly. Good composition by Sachin Gupta and equally good lyrics by Kumaar. The song is shot pretty well too. Do check it out if you haven’t.

13. Same Same But Different- Bombay to Bangkok (2008) 

Okay, not everyone is gonna be happy with me adding this song. I can understand some people not liking this song. But I found it very playful in a good way. I end up grooving to this song whenever I hear it. I feel this is the third good song by KK in a Nagesh Kukunoor movie after Yaaron in Rockford and Aashayein in Iqbal. The composition by Salim Sulaiman is peppy, the lyrics by Mir Ali Hussain are wacky especially lines like “Main Kulfi tu Chocobar, Main Bidi tu Cigar, Main hoon Bakshi tu Gulzar, We are same same but Different.” KK’s vocals are intercut with dialogues by the movie’s leads Shreyas Talpade and Lena Christensen which in the mood of the song, are funny and playful. There’s also this kissing sound which is used as background music, which ads an erotic flavour.

14. Zindagi Do Pal Ki- Kites (2010) 

A pleasant romantic track from KK, with immense repeat value. Its amazing how KK makes a lot of tricky stuff seem so simple and easy. The composer is Rajesh Roshan, so as expected the instrumental portions of the song stand out, especially the music of a string instrument which I suppose is a Sitar (not very sure). I also loved how the chorus is slowed in the end to depict a sense of uncertainty. The lyrics are by Nasir Faraaz.

15. Labon Ko- Bhool Bhulaiyaa (2007) 

This song was the next big hit from the album following “Teri Aankhein Bhool Bhulaiyaa” back in 2007. A very well composed, well written and well sung track with stalwarts on all three fronts: Pritam, Sayeed Quadri and KK. 

I loved how some heavy words are used so appropriately, I found myself searching meaning of words like “tishnagee” and “sandli” after hearing the track before writing about it here, and amazed at how well they were used. 

As far as sensual songs go this one for me is right there with “ Bheege Honth Tere” and “Ang laga Le”.

16. Oh Lala Re- Tarzan: The Wonder Car (2004) 

This would be another entry which I’m expecting people may not like much. I always find this to be 90’s style happy go lucky number. It has a very 90’s Bollywood feel to it (although the movie came out in 2004). It’s nice to hear KK in a pre dated track. Alka Yagnik as the female vocalist sounds good. The song is composed by Himesh Reshammiya with lyrics by Sameer.

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