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5 Romantic Movies You Should Watch

Filmed in one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris, this film is about an old age couple, who celebrates their 30th wedding anniversary and falls in love with each other again. This film just follows this couple in their adventures in Paris. This is one of those movies where the city is the hero of the film.

This lesbian drama follows Adèle who in her college days explores her sexuality when she falls in love with Emma. Adapted from a graphic novel, and is the most controversial Palme D’Or winners in the Cannes Film Festival history, because of its 15 min sex scene and equally beautiful screenplay.

Adapted from the bestselling novel, this movie follows a civil war deserter who deserts the civil war to reunite with the love of his life. This film has one of the best opening scenes in a movie. The Oscar-winning acting of Rene Zellweger is a cherry on the top. This film was nominated for 5 Academy Awards.

Based on a true story of a white man and a black woman living in Virginia, who get married. But in the times they live in, they were not allowed to marry each other. The story is a heartwarming and sweet tale of never-ending love. Ruth Negga received an Oscar nomination for her performance.

Written by the romantic genius, Richard Curtis, Notting Hill is a story about a middle-class guy who falls in love with an international star while visiting a street in London called Notting Hill. This film is a much-needed relief from serious films and is an ultimate underdog love story.

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