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Vaalvi 2023 Comedy Thriller Marathi Series Review

Vaalvi Movie Review – The Best Marathi Film In Years!

Vaalvi Series Review- Aniket and Avani, a couple, decide to end their lives together. A foolproof plan is made, but by Aniket and his girlfriend Devika. So, is a suicide being executed or a murder being planned?

The Roundup 2022 Action Crime Thriller Korean Movie Review

The Roundup Movie Review – A Fun Filled Action Entertainer!

Date of Release: 18 May 2022 Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller Language: Korean Watch On: Amazon Prime Video The Roundup By- Farhad Dalal Facebook Instagram Rating Introduction So the year 2023 has truly kickstarted now but before the scheduled new releases start to churn out, I decided to wipe a few films off my watchlist. And …

The Roundup Movie Review – A Fun Filled Action Entertainer! Read More »

Gold 2022 Comedy Thriller Malayalam Movie Review

Gold Movie Review – A Promising Yet Underwhelming Comedy!

Gold Movie Review- The movie showcases the incidents that take place within four days of Joshi, a mobile shop owner, purchasing a new car owing to a marriage alliance that is almost fixed with a girl called Radha.