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The Wife

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It has been a while since I have reviewed a horror movie. Horror seems to be a favourite genre of many even though many movies may not do justice to the genre. While there have been gems like Andhagaaram such films are a rarity in a genre that demands your unwavered attention. So a new film by the name The Wife has released on Zee5 and here I am with the review. Does it blow the living daylights out of you, stay tuned.

Story & Screenplay

The Wife follows the story of a young couple who move to an apartment that might be haunted. The biggest drawback here is the writing which is way too standard. It follows a fixed template that is synonymous with the genre. The screenplay is extremely slow paced and not much happens in the first hour(the film is 106 mins long). This is trouble and by the time you get to the mystery, you are disinterested. The mystery also is a typical revenge story and just nothing new. This is a pity because there are a few moments which potentially build on the atmosphere. Just the writing is a let down sadly.

Dialogues, Music & Direction

The dialogues are standard, nothing much to shout about. In a horror movie the soundtrack and BGM must be of top quality. Here, it is another let down. Though the BGM is not jarring, it is not memorable either. Director Samad Khan has not done a bad job. In fact his direction is pretty decent which is let down by the writing.


In her acting debut, Sayani Datta as Arya is fairly decent. Gurmeet Chowdhary as Varun has done a good job. All other actors are passable. As they say, when the writing is weak then nothing much you can do here.


The Wife is your typical movie in the horror genre marred by poor writing. Pretty average to say the least. Available on Zee5.

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